50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with F: Finesse Her Future with Fascination

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Hey there, super mom-to-be! If you’ve been on the hunt for baby girl names that are not only unique but also ooze elegance, you’re at the right place! Our collection of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with F is ready to steal your heart.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with F

From Fanny Ardant, the celebrated French actress, to Fabienne Thibeault, the renowned singer-songwriter, there’s no shortage of iconic women graced with French names starting with F. These influential ladies have left their mark, just as your sweet baby girl is bound to do.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FabienneFabiane, FabiannaOne who cultivates beans
FaeFay, FayeFairy or loyalty
FainaFane, FaynaLight
FanchonFanchone, FanchonaFree
FaraFarra, FarahBeautiful
FaustineFaustina, FaustynaFortunate one
FauvetteFauvett, FauvettaLittle bird
FaylineFaylinn, FaelinaLucky, fortunate
FederiqueFrederique, FrédériquePeaceful ruler
FelicienneFelizienne, FeliciannaHappy, fortunate
FeliseFelice, FelisaLucky
FélineFelina, FelyneCat-like
FleurFleure, FleuretteFlower
FlorentineFlorentina, FlorentynaBlooming
FlavieFlavia, FlavianaBlonde, Yellow Hair
FortunéeFortunata, FortuniaLucky
FrancetteFrancetta, FrancettaeFree one
FrancineFrancina, FranciniaFrom France, or free one
FrédériqueFrederique, FryderykaPeaceful ruler
FrançoiseFrancoise, FranciaFree one
FifiFify, FiffiDiminutive form of Josephine
FilomeneFilomena, FilominaFriend of strength
FleurineFleuryne, FleurinaLittle flower
FloreFlora, FloretteFlower or bloom
FlorianneFloriane, FloriannaFlower
FloriseFlorice, FlorisaFlourishing, blooming
FranetteFranetta, FranetaLittle Frenchwoman
FrancetteFrancetta, FrancettyLittle Frenchwoman
FranchetteFranchetta, FranchetyFree
FrançoiseFrancoise, FrauncoiseFree one
FrédériqueFredericka, FrederikaPeaceful ruler
FresiaFresya, FresiFlower name
FiammettaFiamma, FiametaLittle fiery one
Fleur-de-marieFleurdemarie, FleurimarFlower of Mary
FelicitéFelicity, FelicitasHappiness, luck
FleurineFleurinna, FleurinaLittle flower
FransabelleFransabella, FransableBeautiful Frenchwoman
FranchineFranchina, FrancheneFree one
FreddiFreddie, FreddyPeaceful ruler
FuschiaFushia, FuschyaA flowering plant
FrédériqueFrederikke, FrederickaPeaceful ruler
FabiolaFabiola, FabiaBean grower
FlorinaFlorinna, FlorineBlossoming flower
FlaviaFlaviana, FlavyaGolden, blonde
FelicieFelicity, FeliciyaLucky
FosetteFosetta, FosettLittle ditch
FredaFreida, FridaPeace
FabiaFabiena, FabiyanaBean grower
FuchsiaFushcha, FushiaA flowering plant
FalineFalina, FalinnaCat-like
FantinaFantinna, FantineChildlike, imaginative

Thanks a bunch for exploring our handpicked list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with F. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve picked! Feel inspired to discover more beautiful and unique baby names in our other lists. After all, every name is a new story waiting to unfold for your baby girl. Keep exploring!

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