50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with F: Discover the Perfect Fit

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Hey Mama! Get ready to journey into a world of French elegance with our list of 50 French baby boy names starting with the letter ‘F’. It’s all about finding that perfect name that will add a touch of charm to your little one’s personality.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with F

Under the spotlight, we have notable figures like François Hollande, France’s past president whose leadership left an indelible mark, and Frédéric Chopin, the renowned composer whose melodious symphonies continue to enchant us. These individuals exemplify the strength and character embodied by French names starting with ‘F’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FabienFabiano, Fabiaan‘Bean grower’
FabriceFabrizio, Fabrizius‘Craftsman’
FelixFeliciano, Feliz‘Fortunate, happy’
FernandFernando, Fernandino‘Bold voyager’
FifiFifie, Fifee‘Jehovah increases’
FilbertFiliberto, Filberte‘Very bright’
FirminFirmino, Firmine‘Firm, steadfast’
FlorentFlorentino, Florenz‘Blooming’
FlorianFloriano, Florien‘Flowering’
FonsieFons, Fonzie‘Ready for battle’
FortunéFortuno, Fortuna‘Lucky’
FrancisFrancesco, Francisco‘Free one’
FranckFrank, Frankie‘Free man’
FrédéricFrederick, Fredrik‘Peaceful ruler’
FréjusFrej, Freju‘Cold, frigid’
FulbertFulberht, Fulbright‘Bright people’
FulkFulke, Foulques‘People, tribe’
FabreFabri, Fabricio‘Blacksmith’
FabronFabroni, Fabrone‘Blacksmith’
FaulknerFaulk, Faulke‘Falconer’
FédorFedor, Fyodor‘God’s gift’
FélipéFelipe, Felipo‘Loves horses’
FélixFelix, Feliz‘Happy, lucky’
FernandeFernand, Fernande‘Adventurous journey’
FerreolFerreolo, Ferreolu‘Iron bearer’
FiacréFiachra, Fiacra‘Eagle’
FlavienFlavio, Flavian‘Yellow, blonde’
FlorentinFlorentino, Florentyna‘Blooming’
FlorimondFlorimondo, Florimund‘Flower of the world’
FragonardFragonardo, Fragonarda‘Fragrant’
FramboiseFrambois, Framboiz‘Raspberry’
FranckyFranky, Frankee‘Free man’
FranklinFranklyn, Francklyn‘Free landholder’
FrantzFranz, Frans‘Free man’
FrédériFrederi, Frederi‘Peaceful ruler’
FrédoFredo, Freda‘Peaceful ruler’
FufuFufie, Fufi‘Cute, adorable’
FulgenceFulgencio, Fulgenz‘Shining, bright’
FabertFaber, Fabert‘Bright, shining one’
FergalFearghal, Fergie‘Brave, courageous’
FidelFidelio, Fidello‘Faithful’
FirmanFirmann, Firmen‘Firm, steady’
FleuryFleuri, Fleurey‘In bloom’
FloyFloi, Floie‘Rosy, pink’
FoleyFolie, Folli‘Plunders’
FrancFrance, Franck‘Free man’
FrançoisFrancis, Francesco‘Frenchman, free man’
FrantziscoFrancisco, Fransisco‘Free man’
FrédérickFrederick, Fredrick‘Peaceful ruler’
FulcranFulcrano, Fulcranio‘Complete, perfect’
FulvioFulvi, Fulvios‘Yellow, golden’

Thank you for joining us on this journey, exploring the charm and elegance of French baby boy names beginning with ‘F’. We hope we’ve inspired you and perhaps even helped you find the perfect name for your little one. Don’t forget to check out our many other baby name idea lists on our site – your ideal baby name might be just a click away! Happy name hunting!

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