50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with E: Unique and Beautiful Choices

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Picking a name for your little one is truly a magical journey. Our list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with E is filled with beautiful, unique monikers that are sure to make your heart flutter. Expecting moms, get ready to dive in!

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with E

French names often have a timeless elegance, graced by notable women worldwide. For instance, actress Eva Green has enchanted audiences globally with her performances. Another example is Édith Piaf, a legendary French singer whose music continues to influence artistes even today.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ÉlodieElodia, Elodea“Marsh flower”
ÉliseElisa, Eliza, Elizabeth“God is my oath”
EstelleEstella, Estrella“Star”
ÉmilieEmily, Emilia“Rival; Laborious; Eager”
EléonoreEleanor, Elinor, Eleonora“Shining light”
ÉvaEva, Eve, Evie“Life”
ÉdithEdita, Edythe“Prosperous in war”
EnoraEleanora, Eleonora“Honor”
EleaElia, Ela“Shining light”
ElvireElvira, Alvira“All true”
EudoxieEudocia, Eudokia“Good reputation; well regarded”
EugénieEugenia, Eugena“Nobility”
EulalieEulalia, Eulah“Sweetly-speaking”
EponineEponea, Epona“Horse Goddess”
EsméeEsme, Esmie“Esteemed; loved”
EponaEponine, Eponaia“Horse Goddess”
ErellErle, Ariel“Angel; Messenger of God”
ErineEryn, Erin“Peace”
EsteleEstelle, Estella“Star”
EtiennetteEtinnette, Etienna“Crown”
EglantineEglantina, Eglantyne“Wild rose”
EvelineEvelina, Evline“Longed for”
ElinaEline, Elene“Shining light”
EvetteEvetta, Ivette“Yew; archer”
EufrosinaEuphrosyne, Efrosini“Mirth, joyfulness”
EvangelineEvangeline, Evangelin“Bearer of good news”
EmmelineEmeline, Embline“Work; Industrious”
ElayneElaine, Elaina“Shining light”
EloraAllora, Elenora“God is my light”
ElianeIliane, Ileana“Sun”
EloiseHeloise, Eloisa“Healthy; wide”
EulaliaUlalia, Olalla“Sweetly-speaking”
ErsiliaHersilia, Ursula“Little bear”
EudoraEudore, Evdora“Good gift”
EdwigeHedwig, Hedy“War”
EnidEnide, Enyde“Soul; life”
EmiliaAmelia, Amilia“Work; Industrious”
ElioraElora, Elior“My God is my light”
ElmaElma, Alma“Apple”
EliseaElisia, Elysia“God’s promise”
EmilienneEmelienne, Emeliane“Rival; Laborious; Eager”
EsmereldaEsmeralda, Esmarelda“Emerald”
EudokiaEudocia, Eudoxie“Good reputation; well regarded”
EurydiceEurydike, Eriudike“Wide justice”
EleusineEleusina, Eleusis“To come; to be present”
ElfridaElfriede, Alfreda“Elf power”
EgléEgla, Aygline“Bright, Shining”
EvadneEvadnie, Evadney“Well-pleasing”
EusebiaEusbie, Eusebie“Pious”
EuryaleEuraile, Euraele“Wandering far”
ElitaElida, Elitia“Chosen”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with E. We hope you found plenty of inspiration for your little one’s special moniker. Remember, the perfect name is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate to dive into more of our curated baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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