50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with E: Discover Uncommon Elegance

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Hello, future maman! We all agree that naming our babies is one of the most exciting parts of this journey, right? If you’re on the hunt for something unique yet elegant, our collection of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with E might be just the inspiration you’re looking for.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with E

Names can often be a nod to great personalities, and names beginning with E are no exception. Take ‘Émile’, for instance, like the celebrated French Novelist and Nobel laureate Émile Zola. Or ‘Étienne’, reminding us of Étienne de Crécy, an influential figure in electronic music. ‘Édouard’, another cherished E name, takes us back to Édouard Manet, the pivotal artist in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ÉmileEmile, AimiliosIndustrious, striving
2. ÉtienneEtienne, Stefan, StephenCrown, garland
3. ÉdouardEdouard, EdwardWealthy guardian
4. ÉnzoEnzo, EnzioWinner, ruler of the house
5. ÉliotEliot, Elliot, EliottJehovah is God
6. ÉvrardEvrard, EberhardStrong as a boar
7. ÉmilienEmilien, AemilianusRival
8. ÉloiEloi, EligiusChosen one
9. ÉricEric, Erik, EirikEternal ruler
10. ÉvaristeEvariste, EvaristusWell-pleasing
11. ÉphremEphrem, EphraimFruitful, fertile
12. ÉtéocleEteocle, EteoklesTrue glory
13. ÉdmondEdmond, EdmundWealthy protector
14. ÉlieElie, Elias, ElijahMy God is Yahweh
15. ÉmericEmeric, EmmerichPower, leader
16. ÉdgarEdgarWealthy spear-owner
17. ÉsauEsauHairy
18. ÉvrainEvrain, EbremStrong, long-lived
19. EudoOdo, EudesWealthy
20. ÉgideEgide, AegidiusShield of goatskin
21. ÉvaristEvarist, EvaristusWell-pleasing
22. ÉvalEval, EvaldPower, law
23. ÉlainElain, EilenLight
24. ÉdwinEdwinWealthy friend
25. ÉliséeElisee, ElishaMy God is salvation
26. ÉgéeAgee, AegeusProtection
27. ÉnéeEnee, AeneasTo praise
28. ÉzekielEzekiel, EzechielGod will strengthen
29. ÉnohaEnoha, EnochDedicated
30. ÉberEber, EberhardBoar
31. ÉthanEthanFirm, enduring
32. ÉgéonEgeon, AegaeonViolent, turbulent sea
33. ÉverardEverard, EberhardStrong as a boar
34. ÉtéonéeEteonee, EteoneusWine face
35. ÉamilienEamilien, EmilRival
36. ÉponinEponin, EponinaHorse Goddess
37. ÉvandreEvandre, EvanderGood man
38. ÉomerEomer, EomærFamous horse
39. ÉageEage, AegeusProtection
40. ÉliséElise, EliseusGod is satisfaction
41. ÉryxEryx, ErykosBoxer, puncher
42. ÉsonEson, AesonHealer
43. ÉlpidiusElpidius, ElpidesHope
44. ÉphistionEphistion, HephaestionHelper, assistant
45. ÉgilEgil, AegilTerror, awe
46. ÉdesseEdesse, EdessaAn ancient city
47. ÉgénorEgenor, AgenorManly, brave
48. ÉfaistosEfaistos, HephaestusShining
49. ÉpiméthéeEpimethee, EpimetheusThink after
50. ÉliezerEliezerMy God is help

Thank you for joining us on this delightful journey exploring 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with E. We hope this list has inspired you and maybe even brought you one step closer to finding the perfect name for your little one. Don’t stop here! We have plenty more charming baby names from around the world waiting for you on our site. Let’s keep the exploration going!

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