50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with D to Delight Your Heart

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Ladies, I’m sure you’re beyond excited to welcome your little boy! Choosing a name for your bundle of joy is a thrilling part of the journey, and if you’re drawn to the charm of la belle France, this list of 50 French baby boy names starting with D is just for you. Unearth an array of delightful, distinguished, and downright adorable names, ready to represent your charming prince.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with D

From art, music, and sports to science and literature, French names starting with D have been proudly borne by illustrious individuals. Renowned French singer-songwriter Damien Saez has intensely influenced the music scene, while Didier Drogba, the legendary soccer player, has captured hearts worldwide. Not forgetting David Guetta, the music maestro who’s been redefining electronic dance music for many years.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. DamienDamian, DamianeTo tame
2. DidierDidiere, DiderotDesired or Desirable
3. DavidDavie, DavinBeloved
4. DanielDani, DanyGod is my judge
5. DimitriDemetri, Dmitri, DmitryEarth-lover
6. DorianDoriane, DoranDescendant of Dorus
7. DominiqueDominik, DomenicBelonging to the Lord
8. DariusDareios, DarriusUpholder of the Good
9. DenisDenys, DeniGod of wine
10. DylanDillan, DyllanSea
11. DarcelDarc, DarceDark
12. DaemonDaimon, DemonDivine power
13. DelmarDelmer, DelmareOf the sea
14. DestinDestan, DestineDestiny
15. DexDexter, DexyRight-handed, fortunate
16. DevanDeven, DevDivine, like a god
17. DarwinDarvin, DarwenDear friend
18. DonatDonatus, DonattoGiven by God
19. DantonD’anton, DantinPraiseworthy
20. DurantDurante, DurrantEnduring
21. DuvallDuval, DuvaleFrom the valley
22. D’artagnanDartagnan, DartanianFrom Artagnan, France
23. DragoDragos, DracoDragon
24. DudleyDudlee, DudlyPeople’s field
25. DurwardDurwarde, DurwerdGatekeeper
26. DiorDiore, DiarGolden
27. DamonDaemond, DaymonDay, or to tame
28. DruDrew, DreuxMan, warrior
29. DreuxDrew, DruMan, warrior
30. DaceDacy, DaciFrom the south
31. DaelDail, DaleDweller in the valley
32. DaffydDafydd, DavydBeloved
33. DagobertDago, BertBright day
34. DaineDane, DayneGod is my judge
35. DaleyDail, DaillyAssembly, council
36. DalisDilis, DalysAssembly, council
37. DalynDallin, DalinFrom the Place at the Dales
38. DamondDaimond, DaimundWorld mighty
39. DanaDanna, DanahGod is my judge
40. DanbyDenby, DenebyFrom the Dane’s village
41. DandieDandy, DandiStrong and sturdy
42. DaneilDanail, DanilGod is my judge
43. DanteDonte, DantEnduring
44. DarelDarell, DaelOpen
45. DarielDarel, DarellOpen
46. DarianDarien, DarionUpholder of the Good
47. DarranceDarrans, DarenBorn at night
48. DarrelDarrell, DarylBeloved
49. DashaunDeshaun, DashawnGod is gracious
50. DaylinDaylon, DaelinFrom the valley

Thank you for embarking on this naming adventure with us, exploring our list of 50 French baby boy names starting with D. Remember, every name carries its unique charm and significance that can capture your baby’s spirit beautifully. Ready for more inspiration? Don’t forget to check out our other baby name lists – there’s a whole world of names waiting for you!

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