50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with D: A Catalogue of Beautiful Choices

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Hey there mama-to-be! Feeling the thrill yet of choosing the perfect name for your soon-to-arrive little lady? Let’s sprinkle some French enchantment into your search with our curated list of 50 French baby girl names starting with D. Ready for a magical journey into the world of French elegance?

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with D

From artists to actresses, many influential figures have adorned these French baby girl names starting with the letter D. Take Dominique Crenn, a celebrated French chef making waves in the culinary scene, or Diane Kruger, a renowned actress with a knack for powerful roles. Names like these don’t just hold allure and elegance, but also hint at the strength and accomplishment your little one could grow into.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. DanielleDaniella, DaniGod is my judge
2. DelphineDelphina, DelfinaDolphin
3. DianeDianne, DiannaDivine
4. DominiqueDominica, DominikaBelonging to God
5. DaphnéDaphne, DafneLaurel tree
6. DeniseDenisse, DeniceDedicated to god Dionysus
7. DéboraDeborah, DebraBee
8. DorothéeDorothy, DorotheaGift of God
9. DeliaDeliah, DaliaBorn on the island of Delos
10. DésiréeDesire, DesiraeDesired
11. DanetteDanetta, DannetteGod is my judge
12. DorianeDorianna, DorianaChild of the sea
13. DanyDani, DannieMy judge
14. DéliaDelilah, DaliahFrom Delos
15. DinaDeena, DynaGod has judged
16. DioneDionne, DeonDivine
17. DamianeDamian, DamianaTo tame
18. DorineDoreen, DorinaGift
19. DalilaDelilah, DalilahGentle
20. DamarisDamarys, DammarisGentle calf
21. DarlaDarlah, DarlinaBeloved
22. DavinaDaveena, DavenaBeloved
23. DellaDela, DelleNoble
24. DimancheDimancha, DimanchiaSunday
25. DixieDixy, DixiTenth
26. DollyDollie, DolliGift of God
27. DominicaDomonique, DominikaBelonging to God
28. DonatienneDonatiana, DonatinaGift
29. DoraDorra, DoryGod’s gift
30. DruDrew, DrueEnduring
31. DulcineaDulcenea, DulcineyaSweet
32. DuanaDuan, DawnaDark, swarthy
33. DaphineDafine, DafinaLaurel tree
34. DainaDayna, DaynaSong, melody
35. DeirdreDierdre, DeidraSorrowful
36. DeltaDeltah, DelthaFourth
37. DesmaDezma, DesmahOath
38. DestineeDestiny, DestiniFate
39. DivaDeeva, DivahDivine
40. DoniaDoniya, DoniaWorld
41. DrusillaDrucilla, DruscillaStrong one
42. DulceDulse, DulciSweet
43. DusaDusah, DousaSoul
44. DymphnaDimpna, DymfnaFawn
45. DayDaye, DaieDaylight
46. DeeDea, DeiSwarthy, dark
47. DuneDun, DounBrown, swarthy
48. DarcieDarcy, DarciDark one
49. DarbyDarbey, DarbeeFree from envy
50. DaveneyDavenie, DavineyBeloved

Thank you for delving into our list of 50 French baby girl names starting with D. Let these names inspire you as you embark on the joyous task of naming your little one. Don’t forget to explore more of our curated baby name lists on our site – we love being a part of your journey to motherhood. Happy baby-naming, mama!

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