50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with C: Cultivate a Unique Identity

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Bonjour, moms-to-be! If you’re on the hunt for a name that’s as unique, charming, and chic as your bun in the oven, our list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with C is a beautiful place to start.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with C

Let’s look at famed individuals who wear French baby girl names that start with C. Hollywood’s Catherine Deneuve, known for her grace and style, and the renowned fashion designer, Coco Chanel, whose name embodies strength and innovation, both shine a spotlight on these captivating names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. CamilleCamila, CamilPerfect
2. CelesteCelestina, CelineHeavenly
3. ChloeKhloe, CloeBlooming
4. ClaireClara, ClarisseClear, Bright
5. ColetteCollette, NicoletteVictorious
6. CoralieCoral, CoraleeCoral
7. CosetteCozette, CosettLittle Thing
8. CapucineCapucina, CappuccineNasturtium
9. ConstanceConstanza, ConstantinaConstant
10. CharlineCharlene, CharlinaFree-man
11. CélestinCelestine, CelestinaHeavenly
12. CélestineCelestin, CelestinaHeavenly
13. ClotildeClotilda, ClothildaFamous Battle
14. ClémentineClementina, ClementinMerciful
15. CendrineCendrina, CendrinoAsh
16. CeriseCerissa, CeriseaCherry
17. ChantalChantalle, ChanteleStony
18. ChérieCheri, SherieDear
19. ChristelleChristel, ChristellaFollower of Christ
20. ClaudeClaudette, ClaudiaLame
21. ClaudetteClaudetta, ClaudineLame
22. ClaudineClaudina, ClaudiaLame
23. ClémenceClemencea, ClemencyMerciful
24. ClotildeClotilda, ClotildFamous Battle
25. ColombeColumba, ColumbineDove
26. CoralieCoralia, CoraleeLike Coral
27. CorinneCorinna, CorinaMaiden
28. CyrilleCyrilla, CyrinaLord
29. CyprienneCypriane, CyprianFrom Cyprus
30. CyrielleCyriella, CyrillaBelonging to the Lord
31. CandidaCandid, CandiWhite
32. CarineCarina, CarinBeloved
33. CarmelleCarmel, CarmellaGarden
34. CarolleCarol, CarolaFree Man
35. CatelineCate, CaitlinPure
36. CélineCelina, CelyneHeavenly
37. CendrillonCendrine, CendryLittle Ash Girl
38. ChloéKhloe, CloeBlooming
39. ChristelleChristella, KristelleFollower of Christ
40. ClarisseClarice, ClarysseBright, Clear
41. CoraCorey, CoriMaiden
42. CorentineCorentina, CorentynaHurricane
43. CosimaCosmo, CosimaOrder, Decency
44. CybèleCybele, CybelleMother of all Gods
45. CyrilleCyriel, CyrillaLord
46. CélestineCelestin, CélestinaHeavenly
47. CandideCandy, CandidaBright, Shiny
48. CapucineCaprice, CapucinaNasturtium
49. CarineCarina, CarinPure
50. ClairetteClareta, ClaretteBright, Clear

Thank you for delving into our list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with C. We hope it’s sparked joy and inspiration in your baby-naming journey. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg – explore more of our curated baby name lists right here, and find the perfect moniker for your little one.

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