50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with C Proven to Stand Out

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through charming French culture, all to find the perfect name for your little boy? Let’s dive into this curated selection of 50 French baby boy names starting with C, each one brimming with elegance, strength, and a touch of enchantment.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Let’s look at some famous personalities that proudly carried their French names starting with C. World-renowned fashion designer, Christian Dior, has indelibly etched his name in the realm of haute couture. The popular French actor, Charles Berling, has graced many screens with his compelling performances. Then there’s Claude Monet, the celebrated French Impressionist painter whose work continues to inspire artists and art lovers alike.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CharlesCharlie, CharleyFree man
ClaudeClaudius, ClaudioLame, crippled
CyrilCyrille, CyrillusLordly, masterful
CésarCaesar, CesareLong-haired
ClovisLouis, LuigiRenowned fighter
CamilleCamilo, CamillusAcolyte
CorbinCorby, CorbenRaven
ChanningChanYoung wolf
CurtisCurtCourteous, polite
ColinCollin, ColinVictory of the people
CyprienCyprianus, CyprianFrom Cyprus
ConstantinConstantineConstant, steadfast
ClémentClement, ClemensMerciful, gentle
ChesterChess, ChetCamp of soldiers
ChadChadrick, ChadWarrior, protector
CasimirKazimierz, KázmérProclaiming peace
ClementeClemens, ClementMerciful
CyranoCyrillus, Cyrillefrom Cyrene
CorneilleCornelius, CornelioHorn
CalixteCalixto, CallistoBeautiful, handsome
CélestinCelestino, CelestineHeavenly
ChipChipperider, ChipMan
CalogeroCal, Cale, CaleighGorgeous elder
CasperCaspar, KasparTreasurer
CarmineCarmino, CarmeloGarden
CarrierCarry, CarriCart driver
CashCass, CasshHollow
ChaineChain, ChayneOak-hearted
ChanceChauncey, ChauncyChancellor
CharlotCharlotte, CharlyFree man
CharltonCharleton, CharltonFree man’s town
ChaseChace, ChasHunter
CharlemagneCharles, CarlFree man
ClaranceClarence, ClarensClear, luminous
ClementinoClementinus, ClementinMerciful
CodieCody, CodeHelper
ColtenColton, KoltonCoal town
CordellCordelle, KordellCord maker
CotyCody, CodeyRiverbank
CramerKramer, CrammerPeddler
CreedCread, CreidBelief, guiding principle
CroixCroix, CruCross
CruzCruise, CruzeCross
CyrillicCyrillus, CyrilleMaster, lord
CyroCy, SirusLord, master
CaesariusCaesar, CesariusHairy
CalandreCal, AndreLark
CalixCalyx, CalChalice
CrispinCrispino, CrisCurly-haired

Thank you for stepping into the world of French monikers with our list of 50 baby boy names starting with C. We hope this journey has sparked inspiration and added exciting contenders to your baby name shortlist. Remember, the beauty of naming your baby is that it’s an experience to savor. Continue this exciting journey by exploring more of our curated baby name lists on our site. Happy Name Hunting!

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