50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with B: Choose a Name as Special as Your Son

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Hello, future momma! If you’re on the hunt for a unique, enchanting name for your soon-to-arrive baby boy, look no further. We’ve curated a list of 50 French baby boy names starting with B, providing you with a treasure trove of charming, sophisticated choices.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Many renowned figures bear these elegant French names beginning with B. Think Bernard Arnault, the savvy businessman and LVMH CEO, or Benjamin Millepied, the accomplished dancer and choreographer who’s captured audiences worldwide. And who could forget the legendary Bruno Mars? Each name carries a unique story of success and determination.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. BaptisteBautista, BaptistTo Baptise
2. BarnabéBarnaby, BarnabeSon of comfort
3. BastienSebastian, BastianRevered
4. BenoîtBenedict, BennettBlessed
5. BertrandBertrando, BertranBright raven
6. BlaiseBlaze, BlaizeLisp or stutter
7. BonifaceBonifacio, BonifazGood fate
8. BrunoBruin, BrunonBrown, Bear-like
9. BeauBow, BoHandsome
10. BerneBern, BearnBear
11. BarthélemyBartholomew, BartoloméSon of Talmai
12. BaldwinBaldwyn, BaudouinBold friend
13. BénigneBenigno, BenignKind, Gentle
14. BernardBernhard, BernardoBrave as a bear
15. BerengerBerengar, BérengerBear spear
16. BérardBerardo, BerardStrong as a bear
17. BaudoinBaldwin, BalduinBold friend
18. BasilBasile, BasilioRoyal, Kingly
19. BénédictBenedict, BenediktBlessed
20. BertholdBertold, BertholdoBright ruler
21. BlainBlayne, BlaneThin
22. BaxterBaxtor, BaxtarBaker
23. BelamyBellamy, BellamieFine friend
24. BellamyBelamy, BellamieFine friend
25. BenoitBenedict, BenediktBlessed
26. BerwynBerwin, BeruynFair haired
27. BertyBertie, BertiBright
28. BordenBurden, BordynValley of the boar
29. BorisBoriss, BorrisFight, Battler
30. BraxtonBraxten, BraxtinBrock’s settlement
31. BrettBret, BretteNative of Brittany
32. BrevardBrevarde, BrevardeFrom Brevard
33. BriceBryce, BrysSpeckled
34. BrockBrok, BrocBadger-like
35. BryonBryan, BrianNoble
36. BryceBrice, BryseQuick-moving
37. BurkeBurk, BurckeFrom the fort
38. BurlingtonBurlyngton, BurlingtenCity in Vermont
39. BuxtonBuckston, BuxtenBowing stones
40. ByronByrun, ByrenFrom the barns
41. BailBaile, BailieAble
42. BairdBard, BardeBard, Poet
43. BallBalle, BalBrave
44. BankBanke, BankeFrom the bank
45. BarclayBerkeley, BarkleyBirch tree clearing
46. BardonBardan, BardunMinstrel, Singer-poet
47. BarnardBernard, BernhardStrong as a bear
48. BarnetBarnett, BarnetteLand cleared by burning
49. BarrBarre, BareFair-haired
50. BarronBaron, BarrenNoble warrior

That’s a wrap on our journey through 50 French baby boy names starting with B. Thank you for joining us on this exciting naming adventure. Remember, each name holds a special charm, so let your heart guide you in selecting one for your son. For more baby name inspiration, explore our other carefully curated lists. Until then, happy naming!

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