50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with B to Inspire Your Name Search

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Welcome, future mommies! Today we’re taking a fascinating journey into the world of French names, specifically those charming girl names starting with ‘B’.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with B

From the global stage to the page of a novel, ‘B’ names take center stage. Brigitte Bardot, the famous French actress and singer, perfectly embodies the elegance these names often carry. Then, we have Bernadette Peters, the Broadway legend, bringing a dash of vibrancy to this lovely list.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BéatriceBeatrice, BeatrixShe who makes happy
BernadetteBerneBrave as a bear
BerniceBerniseVictory bringer
BertheBertie, BerteBright, Shining
BertrandeBright raven
BetteBettie, BeteyGod is my oath
BlancheBlanchaWhite, Fair
BonbonSweet as candy
BrigitteBrigette, BrigittaStrength, Power
BabetteBabbieGod’s promise
BlaisetteLisp, stutter
BérangèreBear spear
BéréniceBerniceBringer of victory
BertilleBright, Shining
BetteGod’s promise
BérengèreSpear bearer
BlancheflourWhite flower
BlandineCharming, Quaint
BleuennFlower, Blossom
BrunhildeBrunildaArmed for battle
BrunissendeBrown, Dark-skinned
BabetteBabbetteGod’s promise
BernisseBringer of victory
BettePlaced on God
BlanchePure, White
BonitaPretty, Beautiful
BéréniceBereniseBringer of victory
BénédicteBlessed One
BernaStrong, Brave as a bear
BertilleBright, Shining
BetteGod’s Oath
BlancaWhite, Fair
BlodwenWhite flower
BénédicteBlessed One
BernadetteBrave as a bear
BertilleBright, Shining
BetteGod’s Oath
BlancheWhite, Fair
BonnibelGood, Beautiful
BéréniceBereniseBringer of victory
BrigitteBridgetExalted one

And there you have it, dear mommies-to-be! We hope this exquisite list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with B has sparked your inspiration. Remember, the name you choose will be a cherished part of your baby’s identity. Thank you for letting us be a part of your naming journey, and don’t forget to explore more of our inspiring baby name lists on our site. Happy Naming!

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