50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with A: Inspire Your Choice

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Bonjour, future moms! As we embark on the joyous journey of expecting a little one, choosing the perfect name is a huge part of the excitement. Let’s dive into our list of ’50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with A’, and find that unique name that sings to your heart.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with A

From glamorous actresses like Audrey Tautou to influential authors like Anais Nin, these French names beginning with ‘A’ have graced the annals of history and popular culture. Who knows? Your little one might just share a name with a future shining star!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AdelineAdelina, Adelyn‘Nobility’
AmélieAmelia, Amalia‘Hardworking’
AgnèsAgnes, Agnese‘Pure, holy’
AdrienneAdrianne, Adriana‘Dark’
AlineAlina, Alene‘Noble’
AnaïsAnaisa, Anayis‘Grace’
AngelineAngelina, Angelica‘Messenger of God’
ApollineApollonia, Appoline‘Strength’
AurelieAurelia, Aurelina‘Golden’
AxelleAxella, Axelia‘Peace’
AliceAlicia, Alyssa‘Truthful’
AmityAmite, Amitie‘Friendship’
AntoinetteAntonia, Antoinetta‘Invaluable’
AvelineAvellana, Avelina‘Hazelnut’
AugustaAugustina, Auguste‘Majestic, grand’
AlouetteAlouetta, Allouette‘Skylark’
AnnetteAnnetta, Anneta‘Grace’
AlbertineAlbertina, Alberthine‘Noble, bright’
AmbreAmber, Ambra‘Fossilized tree resin’
AndreéAndreea, Andra‘Brave, courageous’
AvrilAprille, Avrill‘April’
ArianeAriana, Arianne‘Most holy’
AlexandrineAlexandra, Alexandrea‘Defender of mankind’
AiméeAmee, Aime‘Beloved’
AnaëlleAnaelle, Anelle‘Graced with God’s bounty’
AgatheAgatha, Aga‘Good, honorable’
AzuraAzure, Azzura‘Sky blue’
AlizéeAlize, Alizea‘Trade wind’
AngèleAngela, Angele‘Messenger of God’
ArletteArleta, Arlet‘Eagle’
AmandineAmanda, Amandina‘Much-loved’
AugustineAugustina, Augustyne‘Majestic, grand’
AlbaneAlbana, Albany‘Fair, white’
AdélaïdeAdelaide, Adelayde‘Noble, kind’
AnoukAnouck, Anouke‘Grace’
AstridAstred, Astria‘Divinely beautiful’
AnnickAnneke, Annika‘Grace’
AlyssAlyssa, Aliss‘Noble kind’
ArmelleArmel, Armella‘Bear Prince’
AlberteAlberta, Albertha‘Noble, bright’
AngéliqueAngelique, Angelic‘Angel’
AthénaïsAthenaise, Athenais‘Goddess of wisdom’
ArnaudeArnauta, Arnauda‘Eagle power’
AurianeAurianna, Aria‘Dawn’
AramisArami, Aramy‘Fictional musketeer’
AlbineAlbina, Albene‘Fair, white’
AnastasieAnastasia, Anastacia‘Resurrection’
ArielleAriele, Ariel‘Lion of God’
AntigoneAntigona, Antigonie‘Resistant to her mother’
AdélieAdelie, Adela‘Nobility’
AngélineAngelina, Angelene‘Messenger of God’

Thanks for embarking on this journey through our list of ’50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with A’. We hope you’ve discovered a name that’s just as special as your little one will be. Keep the inspiration flowing by exploring more of our curated baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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