50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with A: Diverse and Delightful

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A name for your baby boy is not just a tag, it’s a story, a personality, and a lifelong companion. If you’re seeking a touch of European elegance for your little gentleman, you’ll adore our collection of 50 French baby boy names starting with A!

Notable People with French Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Let’s venture into the world of celebrities and influential people gracing the ‘A’ names. ‘André’ resonates with André Leon Talley, a titan in the fashion industry. ‘Antoine’ harks to the celebrated French author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. And, if you’re a sports fan, ‘Arnaud’ might ring a bell with Arnaud Clément, the renowned French tennis player.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AlbertAlbertus, Albrecht, Al‘Noble’ and ‘bright’
2. AlainAlan, Allan, Allen‘Rock’
3. AbelAbell, Abele, Abiel‘Breath’
4. AdrienAdrian, Adriaan, Adriano‘From Hadria’
5. AlexandreAlexander, Alex, Alec‘Defender of man’
6. AntoineAnthony, Anton, Antonio‘Priceless one’
7. ArnaudArnold, Arnaldo, Arnald‘Eagle power’
8. AndréAndrew, Andreas, Andrei‘Manly’
9. AugusteAugust, Augustine, Augustus‘Great’, ‘Magnificent’
10. AurélienAurelian, Aureliano, Aurelio‘Golden’
11. AnatoleAnatoli, Anatol‘From the east’
12. AlphonseAlfonso, Alphonsus, Alfonz‘Noble and ready’
13. AnselmeAnselm, Anshelm‘God’s helmet’
14. AmédéeAmadeus, Amadeo, Amado‘Love of God’
15. AnicetAnicetus‘Unconquerable’
16. AurèleAurelianus, Aurelio‘Golden’
17. AmbroiseAmbrosius, Ambrosio, Ambrose‘Immortal’
18. AbsolonAbsalom, Absalon‘Father is peace’
19. AdéodatAdeodatus‘Given by God’
20. AiméAmadeus, Amatus‘Loved’
21. AymarAimeric, Aymeric‘King of work’
22. AlbanAlbin, Albanus, Alben‘From Alba’
23. AubertAlbert, Albrecht‘Noble bright’
24. AcelinAcelinus‘Noble’
25. AudricAudrick, Edrick‘Old ruler’
26. AmalricAmerigo, Emmerich‘Ruler of work’
27. AchilleAchilles, Achilleus‘Thin-lipped’
28. AngeAngel, Angelo‘Messenger of God’
29. AventAventinus‘Risk taker’
30. ArielArie, Arik‘Lion of God’
31. AriesAres, Mars‘Ram’
32. AristideAristides, Aristedes‘Best kind’
33. ArtoisArtus, Artos‘Bear’
34. AdnetAdnot, Ednet‘At the oak tree’
35. AdolpheAdolph, Adolphus‘Noble wolf’
36. AdenetEdenet, Adenot‘Little Adam’
37. AmaelAmaël, Ammiel‘People of God’
38. ArnoldArno, Arnaud‘Eagle power’
39. AvrilApril, Aprile‘April’
40. ArmandArmando, Herman‘Soldier’
41. AulaireAulay, Olly‘Ancestor’s relic’
42. AuffrayAffery, Affraie‘Elf counsel’
43. AustynAustin, Austen‘Magnificent’
44. AxelAksel, Axelle‘My father is peace’
45. AvenallAvenelle, Aveneil‘Oat pasture’
46. AcelAcil, Acelin‘Noble at birth’
47. AnscomAnscomb, Anscombe‘Valley of the awesome one’
48. ArceneArcenio, Arcen‘Silvery’
49. ArloArlow, Arlowe‘Hill’
50. AlodieElodie, Elodia‘Wealthy’

Thank you for exploring our curated list of 50 French baby boy names starting with A. We hope our collection has sparked your imagination and helped bring you closer to discovering the perfect name for your little one. Continue to be inspired by exploring more baby name idea lists on our site, because every name has its own, unique story. Happy naming!

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