50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with Z to Set Him Apart

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Choosing a name for your baby boy is as exciting as it is significant. With our list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with Z, your journey to find that perfect name begins at the tail end of the alphabet, opening doors to unique and charming names your son will treasure.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

You might be surprised by the influential figures who’ve made their mark with names beginning with Z. From the unconventional frontman of rock band Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant’s son, Zeppelin, to the accomplished British author Zadie Smith, these namesake trailblazers showcase a blend of uniqueness and influence.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZacharyZackary, ZakaryRemembered by God
ZaneZayne, ZainGod’s gracious gift
ZekeEzekiel, ZeekGod strengthens
ZephyrZephir, ZephrWest wind
ZanderXander, ZandarDefender of mankind
ZedZeddGod is righteousness
ZionZyion, SionThe highest point
ZakZackGod remembers
ZebZebedee, ZebbGift from God
ZoltanZolten, ZoltonLife
ZavierXavior, XavierNew house
ZedekiahZedekiyah, ZedechiahThe Lord is my righteousness
ZahirZahyr, ZahirrBright, shining
ZalmanZallman, ZellmanPeaceful, quiet
ZenoZenon, ZennoGift of Zeus
ZenithZeenith, ZynithThe very top
ZeppelinZepplyn, ZeppelenAirship
ZigmundZigmund, ZygmundVictory protection
ZacchaeusZaccheus, ZachaiosPure
ZephyrusZephrus, ZeffyrusGod of the west wind
ZakaiZakkai, ZakkayPure
ZiggyZiggie, ZyggyVictorious protector
ZebadiahZebadyah, ZebadiyahGift from God
ZalmanZallman, ZelmanPeaceful, quiet
ZeddicusZeddicuss, ZeddikusRighteous one
ZekielZekeel, ZekialStrength of God
ZephyrinusZephrinus, ZephyrynosWest wind
ZerubbabelZorobabel, ZerubabelBorn in Babylon
ZesiroZesiros, ZesyroFirst born twin
ZimranZimraan, ZimranCelebrated
ZinnZynn, ZinnBright, clear
ZivonZevon, ZivanBright, radiant
ZoaZoah, ZohaLife
ZoticusZotikus, ZoticosLife giving
ZuhairZohair, ZuhayrBright, radiant
ZubinZhubin, ZubynSmart, intelligent
ZurielZuryel, ZurialGod is my rock
ZwingliZvingli, ZwingleeStrong and lively
ZebulunZebulan, ZebulenDwelling
ZabulonZabulan, ZabulenTo exalt
ZernZearn, ZernnSerious, solemn
ZetZett, ZeetSeeker of truth

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with Z. We hope it has been a source of inspiration and guidance. There are countless more baby name lists on our site, so keep the momentum going in your search for the perfect name that will resonate with your little one’s unique identity.

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