50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with Z: Impress with Rare Charm

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Choosing a baby name isn’t just about tags or labels. It’s about encapsulating love and dreams into a beautiful word that your little one will carry throughout her life. That’s why our ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with Z’ might be just what you’re looking for.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

Zoe Saldana, the talented actress known for her roles in Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy, and Zooey Deschanel, the enchanting star of New Girl, are just a couple of the famous personalities who carry these unique ‘Z’ names. Their successful careers offer a lovely touch of inspiration as you ponder what name best suits your baby girl.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZaraZarah, ZairaPrincess
ZoeZoey, ZoieLife
ZeldaZelda, ZeldeBlessed, happy
ZenaZina, ZeenaWelcoming, hospitable
ZiaZiah, ZyaLight
ZaharaZahra, ZahiraFlower, blossom
ZuriZurie, ZuryBeautiful
ZolaZolah, ZollaEarth
ZoyaZoia, ZoyahLife, alive
ZitaZetta, ZeetaSeeker
ZinniaZinia, ZinnyaA flower
ZaraeZare, ZaraBright as the dawn
ZylaZylah, ZyllaShadow
ZareenZarin, ZareenaGolden
ZoelleZoel, ZoellLife
ZanetaZanita, ZanettaGod’s grace
ZionaZionah, ZyonaSign from God
ZenaideZanad, ZenadeLife of Zeus
ZabelleIzabel, ZabellaGod is my oath
ZosiaZosya, ZoishaWise
ZaynaZaina, ZaynahBeauty, grace
ZalyaZalia, ZalayahBlessed, heaven’s gift
ZaraiahZaria, ZariahGod has helped
ZakiaZakiya, ZakeaPure
ZenniaZenya, ZennyaGod’s gift
ZoanneZoann, ZoaneLife + grace
ZyndiZindi, ZyndieLife
ZillahZilla, ZylahShadow
ZenithZeneth, ZenitHighest point
ZemiraZamira, ZemirahSong, melody
ZoelieZoely, ZoliLife
ZylphiaZylfia, ZilfiaWoodland spirit
ZealaZeela, ZealahZealous
ZoharaZahara, ZohraBrilliant, shining
ZelimaZalima, ZelimahPeaceful
ZandaZandah, ZandaGolden
ZuleikaZulekha, ZulikaFair
ZennorZennur, ZennoraField
ZephyraZephira, ZephraWest wind
ZorieZory, ZoreeGolden dawn
ZelieZeli, ZelieSolemn, dignified
ZinoviaZenovia, ZinovyaLife of Zeus
ZofiaSofia, ZofieWisdom
ZellaZellah, ZelaLacking nothing, one who knows the path
ZipporahTzipporah, ZipporaBird
ZorianaZorianna, ZorinaDawn’s light
ZayleeZaylie, ZayleaHeavenly woman
ZurielleZuriele, ZurielGod is my rock
ZoraidaZorayda, ZoraideEnchanting
ZettaZeta, ZettaLittle girl
ZilpahZilpha, ZilpaFragility

Thank you for exploring our carefully curated list of ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with Z’. We hope you found it inspiring and helpful. There’s something so special about the journey of choosing a baby name. Remember, each name carries a world of potential. Feel free to explore more of our baby name lists for further inspiration. Happy name hunting!

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