50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with Y: Classic Meets Contemporary

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Hey there, future mama! We get it, choosing your baby boy’s name can be a thrilling, yet daunting process. Relax, we’ve got you covered – here’s a list of 50 English baby boy names, all starting with the lovely letter Y, to inspire your choice!

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

Beneath the letter Y lies an array of remarkable namesakes. Think of Yale Summers, the accomplished American actor, or Yogi Berra, the legendary baseball player. Their names have graced history, don’t you want the same for your son?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YaelYail, YaellMountain Goat
YagerYaeger, YaggerHunter
YannickYannik, YannicGod is gracious
YardenYardon, YardanTo flow down
YatesYaytes, YaytessGates
YeomanYeomann, YeomahnAttendant
YorkYorke, YorkieFrom the Yew Tree
YuleYulle, YoolBorn at Christmas
YancyYancie, YanciYankee
YaleYael, YaileAncient
YanceYans, YanzElegant
YardleyYardsley, YardlieEnclosed meadow
YorickYorik, YoryckFarmer
YvesYve, YuvesArcher
YogiYoggi, YoggyPractitioner
YaronYarron, YaronnTo sing, shout
YarrowYarow, YarroRough stream
YashYashh, YeshFame, Glory
YosefYoseph, YossefGod will increase
YumaYumah, YoomaSon of the chief
YuriYury, YuuryFarmer
YannisYanniss, YannizGift of God
YehudaYehudah, YehudPraise
YuleYul, YuulBorn at Christmas
YadenYadon, YadennThankful
YeshayaYeshayah, YeshaiaGod is salvation
YuleYul, YuulBorn at Christmas
YaminYaminn, YameenRight, proper
YonahYonahh, YonhaDove
YitzhakYitzhakk, ItzhakHe will laugh
YossiYosse, YossieGod will add
YavinYavinn, YavynUnderstanding
YiftachYiftakh, YiftahHe will open
YedidyaYedidyah, YedidiaFriend of God
YefetYefeth, YefettBeautiful
YeshrunYeshrunn, YeshrunUpright one
YigalYigall, YigahlHe will redeem
YardenYardenn, YardenneTo flow down
YisraelYisraell, IsraelWrestled with God
YerielYeriel, YeriyelEstablished by God
YinonYinnon, YnonHe will have posterity
YodfatYodfatt, YodphatHe will be beautified
YoninahYoninahh, YonynaDove
YeredYeredd, YeredtDescent
YishayYishayy, YishayeGod’s Gift
YtzhakYtzhaak, YitzhaqHe will laugh
YasharYasharr, YashearUpright, straight
YadduaYadduah, YadduwaKnown
YashuvYashuvv, YashouvHe will return
YeredYeredd, YeredtDescent
YigaelYigaelle, YigayelHe will redeem

Thank you for exploring our carefully curated catalogue of 50 English baby boy names starting with Y! The name you choose for your little one is a gift that will accompany him all his life. We hope our list has sparked some inspiration for this special choice. Be sure to check out our other baby name idea lists for more creative and unique options!

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