50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with Y: Unearth Little-Known Classics

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Deciding on your baby girl’s name is an adventure filled with joy and anticipation. Whether you’re after a name that’s trendy, timeless, or unique, our list of 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with Y is here to inspire you.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

Famous personalities like Yara Shahidi, an American actress known for her role in ‘Black-ish’, and Yoko Ono, a Japanese multimedia artist, carry English baby girl names starting with Y. Such names echo uniqueness and have been associated with strong, influential women.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. YaraYarra, YarrahWater lady
2. YaelYail, YaellMountain goat
3. YolandaYolande, YolandViolet flower
4. YasmineYasmin, YasmeenJasmine flower
5. YvetteIvette, EvetteArcher
6. YvonneIvonne, YvonArcher
7. YasminYasmina, YassmineJasmine Flower
8. YuliYuly, YulieYouthful
9. YanaYanna, YannahGracious
10. YsabelYsabelle, YsabelaGod is my oath
11. YorkYorke, YorckYew tree estate
12. YulisaYulissa, YulysaYouthful
13. YeiraYeirah, YeyraLight
14. YumiYumie, YumeeBeauty
15. YokoYokko, YokoSunshine
16. YaelleYaella, YaelaTo ascend
17. YaffaYafa, YaffahBeautiful
18. YolondaYalonda, YalandaViolet Flower
19. YelenaYelina, YelinahBright Light
20. YanaYanah, YannahGod’s gift
21. YumaYumah, YummaSon’s chief
22. YemmaYemah, YemmasDiamond
23. YlvaIlva, YlvahWolf
24. YohanaYohanna, YohannahGod is gracious
25. YolanaYolanna, YolannahViolet flower
26. YehuditYehudis, YehudiPraise
27. YenYenn, YennaPeaceful
28. YsoldeYsolt, YsoltBeautiful
29. YuriYurie, YureeLily
30. YaraYarah, YarraSmall butterfly
31. YanaYanah, YannahGracious
32. YolaineYolayne, YolanViolet flower
33. YretteYrety, YrettArcher
34. YseultIsolde, YsoldeFair
35. YnezYnes, YnessaPure
36. YolundaYolonda, YalondaViolet flower
37. YordanaJordana, YordanahDescend
38. YulandaYulonda, YulindaYouthful
39. YolaYolah, YolaaViolet flower
40. YandaYandah, YandaaHoney
41. YumaYumah, YumaaMountain girl
42. YokoYoku, YokooSunshine
43. YerinaYerinah, YerynaPeace
44. YonitaJonita, YonitahDove
45. YutteYutta, YuttyRuler of the household
46. YolanteYolant, YolanthaViolet flower
47. YuleYul, YuleeWinter solstice
48. YonitYonitt, YonityLittle dove
49. YanniYanni, YannyGod is gracious
50. YardenYardenah, YardeneTo descend

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your exciting journey towards finding the perfect name for your baby girl. We hope our list of 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with Y has inspired you and helped guide your decision-making. Don’t forget to explore more of our comprehensive baby name lists for more heartwarming and unique ideas. Happy naming!

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