50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with P: Your Guide to Cultural Chic

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Bonjour, mama-to-be! If you’re searching for a baby name that’s as unique and charming as your little one, then look no further. Dive into our list of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with P, teeming with Parisian sophistication and the charm of Provence.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with P

Let’s take a stroll through the halls of fame with our French Baby Boy Names Starting with P. Paul Valéry, a momentous French poet, philosopher, and critic whose influence still resonates today. Joining him is Pierre Curie, a Nobel Laureate in Physics and husband to the incredible Marie Curie. Lastly, we have Patrice Evra, a celebrated French soccer player who won numerous titles with Manchester United.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PierrePier, Pierrot“Rock”
2. PascalPascale, Pascual“Relating to Easter”
3. PatricePatric, Patricia“Nobleman”
4. PaulPaule, Paulo“Small”
5. PhilippeFilip, Phillip“Lover of Horses”
6. PlacidePlacid, Plácido“Calm, Mild”
7. ProsperProspero, Prosperity“Fortunate, Successful”
8. PacomePacomius“To Cut, To Hew”
9. PacifiquePacifico, Pacifica“Peaceful”
10. PadrigPadrick, Padrik“Noble, Patrician”
11. PalamedePalamides, Palamedus“Holy Amid”
12. PallasPallace, Pallass“To Brandish”
13. PantaleonPantaleone, Pantalion“All Lion”
14. PapilionPapillion, Papilio“Butterfly”
15. ParfaitPerfect, Perfecto“Perfect”
16. PartickPartic, Partik“Patrician, Noble”
17. PaschalPascall, Pashal“Relating to Easter”
18. PaternPaterna, Paterno“Of the father”
19. PatrickPatric, Patricke“Noble, Patrician”
20. PaulinPauline, Paulino“Small, Humble”
21. PaulusPaulis, Paulos“Small”
22. PavarottiPavarottie, Pavarotie“Powerful, Strong”
23. PercivalePercival, Percivalle“Pierces the Valley”
24. PerigPeric, Perik“Bearer of a Rock”
25. PerkinPerkins, Perkinn“Rock”
26. PerotPero, Perott“Rock”
27. PerraultPerrauld, Perraud“Rock, Stone”
28. PerrenPerron, Perrin“Rock”
29. PerreyPerry, Perrie“Rock”
30. PerrinPerryn, Perrins“Rock”
31. PetitPetitt, Petite“Small, Little”
32. PeverellPeverelle, Peverall“Piper”
33. PeytPeytt, Peyte“From the Farm by the Spring”
34. PeytonPayton, Payten“Fighting-man’s Estate”
35. PharaonPharaoh, Pharaun“The Elevated One, Ruler”
36. PhilbertPhillbert, Filbert“Very Brilliant”
37. PhilibertPhillibert, Filibert“Very Brilliant”
38. PhilippePhillippe, Philipe“Lover of Horses”
39. PierPierre, Piere“Rock”
40. PiercePeirce, Pears“Rock”
41. PierpontPierponte, Pierpoint“Rock”
42. PierrepontPierreponte, Pierreponts“Rock”
43. PierrickPierick, Pierric“Rock”
44. PietPiett, Piete“Rock”
45. PippinPippin, Pippen“Determined, Strong”
46. PlaisancePlaisanz, Plaisanse“Pleasant, Agreeable”
47. PolPolle, Poll“Small”
48. PomeroyPommeroy, Pomroy“Apple Orchard”
49. PortierPortiere, Portieur“Gatekeeper”
50. PoussinPoussine, Poussyn“Chick”

Thank you, dear reader, for accompanying us on this journey through 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with P. We hope these names have sparked delight and inspiration as you prepare for your little one’s arrival. Continue the adventure and explore more of our curated baby name lists on our site. Your perfect baby name is waiting to be discovered. À bientôt!

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