50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with Q: Your Ultimate Naming Guide

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Bonjour mom-to-be! It’s time to embark on the exciting journey of choosing your baby’s name. Our curated list of 50 French baby boy names starting with Q is filled with unique and charming monikers that are sure to set your little one apart in the crowd.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

Venturing down history lane, we find some remarkable individuals bearing these unique French names starting with Q. For instance, Quentin Massys, a notable painter from the Renaissance era, lends artistic flair to the name ‘Quentin’. Similarly, the name ‘Quirin’ ties back to Quirin O’Connor, a highly respected French-American architect. These figures offer a glimpse of the rich heritage and potential your child’s name can behold.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
QuentinQuinton, QuentonFifth
QuirinQuirino, QuirinusSpear
QuillanQuillon, QuilanCub
QuentQuenten, QuentonFifth
QuinceyQuincy, QuinceEstate of the fifth son
QuillonQuilan, QuillCrossed swords
QuinQuinn, QuynnWise
QuesnelQuennel, QuensellLittle oak tree
QuintusQuintas, QuintisFifth
QueranQuerran, QuerannDark
QuantQuan, QuanteHow much
QuentisQuentus, QuentysFifth son
QuineusQuin, QuineyCreated name
QuirinoQuirinus, QuirineSpear
QuestQueste, QuestaSearch, pursuit
QuintinoQuintin, QuintonFifth
QuilienQuillian, QuilianShiny
QuanahQuantah, QuannahFragrant, sweet-smelling
QuintenQuintan, QuintynFifth
QuinceQuincie, QuynciEstate of the fifth son
QuirinusQuirino, QuirinusSpear
QuiloQuilho, QuiluoQuiet, tranquil
QuevinQuevyn, QuevonGentle, kind
QuandalQuandell, QuandelCreated name
QuitoQueto, QuittoFifth
QuiricoQuiricho, QuirckoWar leader
QuillonQuill, QuillanCrossed swords
QuortQuorten, QuortonBrave, bold
QuelvenQuelvin, QuelvonCharming, delightful
QuillonQuillan, QuilanCrossed swords
QuitterieQuitteri, QuitteriaTranquil, peaceful
QuimQuimb, QuimmCreated name
QuintrellQuintrel, QuintrellieFifth tree
QueyQuei, QueyCreated name
QuinceQuincie, QuynciEstate of the fifth son
QualQuall, QualleCreated name
QuantrellQuantrel, QuantrelleFifth tree
QuillQuille, QuyllFeather, scribe
QuiritisQuiritus, QuiritusSpear
QuiloQuilho, QuiluoQuiet, tranquil
QuentrellQuentrel, QuentrelioFifth tree
QueueQueu, QueweCreated name
QuintoQuint, QuintuFifth
QuetifQuetifus, QuetiffEnergetic, lively
QuilliamQuillam, QuylliamResolute protector
QuirinusQuirin, QuirinoSpear
QuadrateQuadrato, QuadratuSquare, fair
QuadroQuadru, QuadroSquare, fair
QuentonQuentonn, QuentynFifth
QuillanQuillon, QuilanCub
QuirinQuirino, QuirinusSpear
QuentinQuinton, QuentonFifth

Thank you for exploring our unique list of 50 French baby boy names starting with Q. We hope it inspired you and provided a fresh perspective on the delightful task of naming your little one. Remember, a name is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Feel free to explore more of our baby name ideas on our site, as you continue this exciting naming journey. À tout à l’heure (see you soon)!

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