50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with K: Ignite a Sense of Heritage

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Becoming a mom is all about embracing new beginnings – and that includes choosing the perfect name for your little one. If you’re searching for a name that’s unique yet classic, filled with history and charm, our list of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with K could be just what you’re after!

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Undoubtedly, names can carry a legacy, and you might be surprised at the remarkable individuals that share these names! For instance, take the renowned French physicist, Karl Jansky, who made significant strides in radio astronomy. Or perhaps the famous French novelist, Karel Čapek, known for his works of science fiction. Selecting your baby’s name from our list may just be the first step to inspiring a great future!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. KarlCarl, Carlos, CarloFree man
2. KentKenton, KentoBright, white
3. KevinKevan, Kevyn, KevinnHandsome, beloved
4. KeanuKeane, KeanCool breeze over the mountains
5. KeithKeeth, KeitheWoodland, forest
6. KendallKendal, Kendel, KendellValley of the River Kent
7. KennyKen, Kennie, KenneyHandsome
8. KieranKieron, Kiernan, KyrinDark-haired
9. KillianKilian, Killyan, KilyanChurch, monastery
10. KirkKurk, KyrkChurch
11. KlausClaus, Klause, ClaasVictory of the people
12. KadenKadin, Kaiden, CadenCompanion
13. KellanKelen, Kellin, KilianPowerful
14. KendrickKendrik, Kenrick, KendryckBold ruler
15. KiplingKip, Kipp, KiplynCured salmon
16. KitKitt, Kyt, KyttyBearer of Christ
17. KodeyKodi, Kody, CodeyHelpful
18. KoltColt, Kolton, KoltenYoung male horse
19. KoriKorie, Kory, KorrieHollow
20. KurtCurt, Kurtis, KirtCounselor, advisor
21. KylerKylar, Kiler, KuylerChurch, monk’s cell
22. KalenKalan, Kalin, KaelenPure
23. KoryKorey, Korrey, KorieHollow
24. KnoxNoks, Knoxx, NoxRound-top hill
25. KamrynCamryn, Kameron, KamronBent nose
26. KadenKaiden, Cayden, KadynFighter
27. KaineKane, Kayne, KaineHonor
28. KamdenCamden, Kamdon, KamedonValley
29. KarterCarter, Korter, KartarTransporter of goods by cart
30. KameronCameron, Kamron, KameranBent nose
31. KaidanKaydan, Kaiden, KadanCompanion
32. KeanKeen, Keene, KenSharp, fighter
33. KeganKeegan, Kagan, KagenA thinker, fiery
34. KelanKellan, Kelen, KellinSlender
35. KaseyCasey, Kasie, KasseyVigilant in war
36. KallumCallum, Kalum, CallamDove
37. KeiranKieran, Kyrin, KyranLittle dark one
38. KobieKobe, Koby, CobyTortoise
39. KaneKaine, Kain, KayneHonor
40. KellinKellan, Kelan, KellenPowerful
41. KermitKermitt, Kermie, KermittieFree man
42. KesterKastor, Kestor, KeasterChrist-bearer
43. KeatonKeeton, Keetan, KeatenWhere hawks fly
44. KipperKipp, Kip, KippurHigh hill
45. KingsleyKingslee, Kingzlee, KingslieKing’s meadow
46. KoltinKolton, Koltan, KoldinCoal town
47. KyeKai, Kay, KajOcean, sea
48. KylianKillian, Kylion, KiliyanChurch
49. KeslerKessler, Keslar, KeeslerKettle maker
50. KendallKendel, Kendal, KendellRoyal valley

Thank you for joining us on this unique exploration of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with K. We hope you’ve found a name that not only resonates with you but might also inspire your little one in the future. Remember, choosing a baby’s name is a significant, exciting step, and there’s no rush in finding the perfect fit. Feel free to continue browsing our vast array of baby name idea lists on our site – who knows what other hidden treasures you might uncover?

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