50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with J for a Unique Personality

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Ready to dive into the charming world of French baby boy names beginning with J? Trust me, these 50 options are as cute as a croissant and as sophisticated as a stroll along the Seine.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with J

Think about actor Jean Reno or author Jules Verne. These well-known figures are testimonies to the intrigue and character that French baby boy names beginning with ‘J’ can bring. Each name tells a story, and yours might be the next one told.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. JacquesJack, Jake, JamesSupplanter
2. JulesJulius, JulianYouthful, Downy
3. JeanJohn, JehanGod is gracious
4. JérômeJerome, JeremySacred name
5. JulienJulian, JulioYouthful
6. JosselinJoscelin, JocelinThe Gauts, a Germanic tribe
7. JusteJustJust, Fair
8. JoëlJoel, YoelYahweh is God
9. JérémieJeremy, JeremiahExalted of the Lord
10. JosuéJoshua, JoshJehovah is salvation
11. JoachimJoaquim, JoaquinEstablished by God
12. JarodJared, JarradRose
13. JanvierJanuary, GennaioJanuary
14. JarvisJervis, GervaisSpear
15. JavertHavertAlert, Vigilant
16. JairoJairol, JairHe shines
17. JocelynJosselinMember of the Gauts
18. JosquinJoskin, JoskynJoy, Happiness
19. JovanyJovan, JovaniGod is gracious
20. JaneiroJanerioJanuary
21. JazzJaz, JazzyStyle of Music
22. JeannotJohn, JohnnyGod is gracious
23. JossJocelyn, JosMember of the Gauts
24. JevonJeavon, JevanGod is gracious
25. JayJai, JaeVictory
26. JordaneJordan, JordenTo descend, to flow
27. JoaquinJoaquim, JoachimEstablished by God
28. JobyJobi, JobePersecuted
29. JoyJoi, JoeyJoy
30. JacqueJack, JakeSupplanter
31. JemmyJem, JemmieSupplanter
32. JacquesonJack, JacksonSon of Jack
33. JeffGeoff, GeoffreyPeaceful territory
34. JimJimmy, JimmieSupplanter
35. JoeJoey, JosephGod will add
36. JuleJules, JewelYouthful
37. JovanJovanni, JovannyGod is gracious
38. JedJedd, JedidiahBeloved of the Lord
39. JebJebediah, JebadiahBeloved friend
40. JulianJulien, JulioYouthful
41. JuneJun, JunoYoung
42. JerricJerrick, JericBrave with the spear
43. JarethJarret, GarretSpear strength
44. JaseJay, JaceHealer
45. JaquesJaquess, JaquiseSupplanter
46. JeanpaulJohnpaul, JuanpabloGod is gracious + Small
47. JosianJosiane, JosianneGod will add
48. JemaineJermaine, GermainBrother
49. JacquesonJacquessonSon of Jacques
50. JaccobJacob, JakobSupplanter

Thank you for diving in with us through this list of 50 French baby boy names starting with J. We hope it has inspired you and sparked joy in this exciting naming journey. For more divine baby name ideas, don’t forget to delve into our other curated lists — because each name is a new adventure waiting to unfold!

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