50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with K Your Little One Will Thank You For

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Bonjour, mom-to-be! Ever thought of sprinkling some French charm into your baby girl’s name? Venture into our collection of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with K and infuse a little international flair into your naming process.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with K

French names have been adored by many, including some famous personalities. Karine Vanasse, a renowned Canadian actress known for her roles in “Colette Valois” and “Pan Am,” wears her French name with elegance and poise. Keren Ann, an acclaimed singer-songwriter and producer, draws inspiration from her French roots, reflected in her beautiful music.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. KarineCarine, KarenePure
2. KatelineKatelin, KatelinaPure
3. KarineKareen, KarinaPure
4. KaroleKarol, KarolaFree Woman
5. KlementineClementine, KlementinaMerciful
6. KamiliaCamilia, CameliaPerfect
7. KlarisseClarisse, KlarysseClear, Bright
8. KlaudieClaudie, KlodiaLame
9. KimbaKim, KimmyRoyal Fortress
10. KokoCoco, CoquetteChocolate Bean
11. KoralieCoralie, KoraliaCoral
12. KourtneyCourtney, KortneyShort nose
13. KatheCathe, CathyPure
14. KloeChloe, CloeBlooming
15. KallistaCalista, KallystaMost Beautiful
16. KassandraCassandra, KassandreUnheeded Prophetess
17. KarissaCarissa, KaryssaGrace
18. KimiKimmie, KimmyRighteous
19. KrisCris, KrissFollower of Christ
20. KikiKeke, KiNew beginning
21. KateKat, KatiePure
22. KrisiaCrisia, KrisyaAnointed
23. KannelleCannelle, KanelleCinnamon
24. KarmelCarmel, KarmelleGarden
25. KallieCallie, KalliMost Beautiful
26. KennaKenia, KeninaBorn of Fire
27. KatalinaCatalina, KatelinaPure
28. KeiraKira, KyraDark-haired
29. KellieKelly, KelieWarrior
30. KenzaKensa, KanzaTreasure
31. KarolinaCarolina, KarolineFree Woman
32. KendraKendrah, KandraWater Baby, Magical
33. KristabelleCristabelle, KristabellBeautiful Christian
34. KoralineCoraline, KoralyneCoral
35. KrystelleChristelle, CrystelleCrystal
36. KarielleCarielle, KariellaGod’s Grace
37. KathiaCathia, KathyaPure
38. KatrinaKatrina, KetrinaPure
39. KlariceClarice, KlarisseClear, Bright
40. KennediKennedy, KenadiUgly Head
41. KarmelaCarmela, KarmellaGarden
42. KlaritaClarita, KlarittaFamous
43. KarlyCarlie, KarlieFree Woman
44. KamilleCamille, KamilPerfected
45. KalliopeCalliope, KaliopyBeautiful Voice
46. KathalinaCatalina, KathelinaPure
47. KatarinaCarina, KatarinePure
48. KassieCassie, KasieUnheeded Prophetess
49. KatalinCatalin, KatlinPure
50. KarliCarly, KariFree Woman

Thank you for exploring our compilation of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with K. Choosing a name for your little one is a big decision, and we hope we’ve inspired you with this dash of French elegance. Continue to explore our other lists of baby names to find the perfect moniker that resonates with you and your baby’s unique story.

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