50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with W: Meaningful Selections

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Hey mama-to-be, we know just how special and significant the journey to pick the perfect name for your little girl is. Our lovingly curated list of ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with W’ is here to spark some joy and inspiration on your incredible adventure.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with W

From the eloquent writer, Virginia Woolf, to the all-star tennis player, Venus Williams, many influential figures have graced the world with names starting with W. Even in the realm of fiction, we have the iconic ‘Wendy’ from Peter Pan – another brilliant choice for your baby girl.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. WinonaWynona, Wenona“First-born daughter”
2. WandaVanda, Wandie“Shepherdess; wanderer”
3. WillowWilla, Willo“Slender, graceful”
4. WhitneyWhitnee, Whitni“White island”
5. WendyWendi, Wendie“Friend”
6. WrenWrenn, Wrenna“Small bird”
7. WinterWynter, Wintar“The season”
8. WilmaWilmina, Wilmarie“Resolute protection”
9. WinifredWinny, Winnie“Blessed peacemaking”
10. WilhelminaMina, Willa“Resolute protection”
11. WaverlyWaverlie, Waverlee“Meadow of quivering aspens”
12. WynneWynn, Win“Fair, pure”
13. WildaWylda, Willda“Untamed”
14. WylieWylee, Wyly“Charming”
15. WaldaWaldah, Wallda“Ruler”
16. WelmaWilma, Velma“Desire helmet”
17. WynellWynelle, Wynnelle“Fair, pure”
18. WelcomeWelkom, Welkomme“Welcomed”
19. WinsomeWinsom, Wensome“Attractive, charming”
20. WinslowWinslowe, Winslo“Friends hill”
21. WaltraudValtraud, Waldtraut“Ruler, strong”
22. WandaVonda, Vanda“wanderer”
23. WisteriaWistaria, Whisteria“To twine”
24. WilkieWilky, Wilka“Resolute protector”
25. WindsorWendsor, Winsor“Riverbank with a winch”
26. WandaVanda, Wendie“Shepherdess; wanderer”
27. WrayWrae, Wraye“Dweller by a nook, corner or recess”
28. WendeWendie, Wendi“Wanderer”
29. WynnifredWinnifred, Wynifred“Blessed reconciliation”
30. WinoaWynoa, Winoah“First-born daughter”
31. WivinaWivinah, Wyvina“Battle worthy”
32. WickhamWikkam, Wickam“Homestead”
33. WulfildeWulfilda, Wulfhilda“Wolf battle”
34. WyliaWyliah, Wyliya“Charming”
35. WeldaWeldah, Wealda“Ruler”
36. WylmaWilma, Velma“Resolute protection”
37. WandaVanda, Wenda“Shepherdess, wanderer”
38. WelsieWelsy, Welcie“Western meadow”
39. WeraVera, Weera“Faith, truth”
40. WalfredaWalfreeda, Walfrieda“Ruler of peace”
41. WittaWita, Wittah“White”
42. WyettaWietta, Wiettah“War strength”
43. WistanWystan, Wyistan“Battle stone”
44. WesleyWeslee, Wesleigh“Western meadow”
45. WysandraWysandrah, Wysandria“Defender of mankind”
46. WenusWenusia, Wenusa“Desire, love”
47. WitrudWitrudd, Witrood“Battle strength”
48. WalburgaWalburg, Walpurga“Strong defender”
49. WibkeWibka, Wibeke“Battle”
50. WittieWitty, Witti“White, fair”

Thanks for joining us on this delightful exploration of ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with W’. We hope our list inspires you and adds a touch more excitement to the special task of naming your little lady. If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect name, we invite you to explore more baby name idea lists on our site. Happy name hunting, mom-to-be!

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