50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with V: A Journey to Uniqueness

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Hey there, mom-to-be! If you’re fishing for the perfect ‘V’ name for your little girl, we’ve got you covered! Bask in our carefully curated list of 50 English Baby Girl Names starting with V, and enjoy finding that one name that sings to you.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with V

Let’s take a quick look at some influencers who have charmed us with their ‘V’ names. Victoria Beckham, the powerhouse fashion designer, stands as a testament to elegance, and Vanessa Williams, the talented actress and singer, embodies strength and determination. Their names carry weight and style, just like your baby’s will!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
VictoriaVicky, Vicki, ToriVictory
VanessaVanny, NessaButterfly
VeraVerena, VeronaFaith, Truth
VioletViola, ViolettePurple flower
ValentinaVal, TinaStrong, Healthy
VivienneVivian, VivAlive
ValerieVal, ValeryStrong, Valiant
ViolaVi, OlaViolet
VeronicaRonnie, VeraTrue image
VirginiaGinny, VirgiePure, Virgin
VestaVestie, VessieGoddess of the Hearth
VelmaVel, ElmaProtector
VivianaVivi, AnaAlive
ValeriaVal, RiaStrength
VesperVes, EspieEvening star
VadaVade, AdaFamous ruler
VeeraVera, VeerBrave
VianneVi, AnneFull of life
VedetteVeda, EttaStar
VeniceVeni, NieceFrom Venice, Italy
VannaVan, AnnaGod-gracious
VirelaiVi, RelaiFrench poetic form
VerityVeri, TyTruth
ViolanteViola, LanteViolet
VanoraVan, NoraWhite wave
VerginiaVergi, GiniaPure
VivietteVivi, EtteAlive
VeenaVee, EnaA musical instrument
VerenaVera, RenaProtector
VeldaVel, ElidaPower, Ruler
VilletteVil, LettySmall town
VeroniqueRoni, NiqueTrue image
VersieVer, SieTruth
VanildaVan, NildaButterfly
ValeneVal, AleneStrong, Healthy
VafaraVaf, FaraBrave
VerniceVer, NiceTrue image
ValorieVal, LorieStrength
VerleeVer, LeeTruth
ViannyVi, NyAlive
VeradisVera, DisTruth
VincenzaVin, CenzaConqueror
VilmaVil, MaelleWill, Desire
VionaVi, OnaFair, Beautiful
VereneVer, ReneProtector
VenetiaVene, TiaFrom Venice, Italy
ValeskaVal, LeskaGlory rule
ValdaVal, AldaPower, Ruler
ViviaVi, ViaAlive
VitaVi, TaLife

And there you have it, our list of 50 English Baby Girl Names starting with V. We hope you found inspiration and maybe even the perfect name for your little one! Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey. Remember, we have plenty more baby name lists waiting for you on our site – each one is an adventure waiting to unfold. Happy naming!

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