50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with W: Discover Timeless Classics

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Hey there, supermom-to-be! Ready to dive into the exciting endeavor of choosing your baby boy’s name? Come, join us as we explore 50 English baby boy names beginning with W, a wellspring of legacy, charm, and individuality.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with W

Leading the spotlight, we have William Shakespeare, the embodiment of English literature whose name is timeless. Celebrated film star Will Smith also shares this letter, as does Winston Churchill, the emblem of British resilience during World War II. And who can forget Walt Disney, the man who filled our childhood with magic and wonder?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WilliamLiam, WillResolute Protector
WalterWalt, WallyArmy Ruler
WyattWyat, WiattBrave in War
WinstonWinsten, WynstonJoy Stone
WesleyWes, WesleeWest Meadow
WayneWain, WaynWagon Maker
WarnerWarrner, WernherArmy Guard
WilburWilber, WilburtBright Fortress
WeldonWeldan, WealdunHill Near a Well
WilfredWilfrid, WilferdDesiring Peace
WaltonWalthon, WaldenWall Settlement
WadeWad, WaidRiver Crossing
WinfredWinfrid, WynfredFriend of Peace
WestleyWestly, WestleighWest Meadow
WhitakerWhittaker, WhitacreWhite Field
WaldenWaldan, WalldenWooded Valley
WaverlyWaverley, WaverleeMeadow of Quaking Aspen Trees
WellingtonWelligton, WelingtonWealthy or Prosperous Estate
WoodrowWoodroe, WoodroRow of Houses by the Wood
WebsterWebstir, WebstarWeaver
WendellWendel, WendallWanderer, Seeker
WinthropWinthrop, WinthorpFriend’s Village
WileyWylie, WilleyCunning, Tricky
WiltonWilten, WilltonWell Town
WhitneyWhitny, WhittneyWhite Island
WainwrightWainright, WainwrigteWagon Maker
WindsorWinsor, WensorRiverbank with a Windlass
WillemWilhelm, WilemResolute Protector
WheelerWheler, WhealerWheel Maker
WillardWillerd, WillhardResolutely Brave
WilcoxWilcocks, WilcoxsSon of Wild
WinfieldWinfeld, WynfieldFriend’s Field
WhitmanWhiteman, WhitmenWhite Man
WolfgangWolfang, WolfgangeWolf’s Path
WorthingtonWorthingtone, WorthtonEnclosed Settlement
WashingtonWashingtun, WashengtonSettlement Associated with Wassa
WycliffeWyclif, WickliffeVillage Near a Cliff
WaldronWaldrone, WaldrenRule
WulfricWulfrick, WulfrichWolf Ruler
WilberforceWilberforse, WilberfarceOpen Place on the River Wilber
WrigleyWriglee, WriglyMeadow with a Ridge
WulfgarWulfgarr, WulfgareWolf Spear
WadsworthWadsworthe, WadswerthVillage Near the Ford
WilfrithWilfryth, WilfridhDesiring Peace
WhitfordWhitforde, WhitfortWhite Ford
WetherbyWetherbee, WetherbiWether Sheep Farm
WarburtonWarberton, WarburtenTown with a Watchtower
WestbrookeWestbrooke, WestbrokWest Stream
WadleyWadlea, WadleeFord Meadow
WorthWurth, WirthEnclosed Farm
WilmotWilmott, WilmoteResolute Spirit
WhitlockWhitlok, WhitlokSmall White-locked Lamb

What a wonderful journey it’s been, exploring these 50 English baby boy names starting with W! We’re thrilled to have shared this with you and hope it’s sparked new naming ideas. There’s a world of baby names to discover on our site, so do take a moment to check out our other lists. Happy name hunting!

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