50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with X: Inspire Individuality

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Choosing a name for your baby boy is an adventure filled with joy and anticipation. Our list of ’50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with X’ will guide you on this enchanting journey, offering you unique and captivating name options for your little one.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with X

Names beginning with X have graced several influential figures. Xavier Roberts, the creator of the famous Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, and Xander Berkeley, a renowned American actor known for his roles in acclaimed films like ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Air Force One’, both carry the rare charm of an ‘X’ starting name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XavierXavi, Zavier“New house” or “Bright”
XanderZander, Alexander“Defender of the people”
XanXann, Zan“Defender of the people”
XenoZeno, Xeno“Foreigner or stranger”
XerxesZerxes, Xerx“Ruling over heroes”
XavionZavion, Xavon“New house”
XaviusZavius, Xavious“Bright, new house”
XaydenZayden, Xaden“Little fiery one”
XianZian, Xyan“Gift, offering”
XadrianZadrian, Xadryan“Dark one”
XaimeZaime, Xaim“Supplanter”
XalmZalm, Xhalme“Peaceful”
XalvadorZalvador, Xalvadore“Saviour”
XamirZamir, Xamire“Songbird”
XantheusZantheus, Xantheas“Golden haired”
XantosZantos, Xantus“Yellow, golden”
XaquinZaquin, Xaquinn“Supplanter”
XarekZarek, Xarak“God protects”
XashZash, Xashe“Happy, carefree”
XathanZathan, Xathann“Gift from God”
XavioZavio, Xaviyo“New house”
XayvionZayvion, Xayvionn“New house”
XernanZernan, Xernann“Pilgrim”
XerónimoZerónimo, Xeronimo“Sacred name”
XesusZesus, Xesús“God is salvation”
XicoZico, Xiko“Free”
XilateZilate, Xilatte“Joyful, cheerful”
XimenoZimeno, Ximenno“Listener”
XistleZistle, Xistel“Sparkling”
XoánZoán, Xoaan“God is gracious”
XolaniZolani, Xolan“Peace”
XylonZylon, Xylonn“Forest or wood”
XymonZymon, Ximon“He has heard”
XyloZylo, Xyloo“Forest”
XyrusZyrus, Xirus“Sun”
XystusZystus, Xistus“Polished, refined”
XzavianZzavian, Xzavien“New house”
XzanderZzander, Xzandar“Defender of the people”
XzayvierZzayvier, Xzavyer“New house”
XzealZzeal, Xzeel“Passionate, fervent”
XzaviorZzavior, Xzaviour“Bright”
XzayvionZzayvion, Xzavyon“New house”
XzibitZzibit, Xzibitt“To show, demonstrate”
XziliZzili, Xzily“Dazzling, sparkling”
XylonZylon, Xylonn“From the forest”
XymenesZymenes, Ximen“Obedient”
XynZyn, Xynn“Sharp, quick”
XypherZypher, Xipher“West wind”
XystosZystos, Xistos“Polished”
XzaidenZzaiden, Xzaden“Little fiery one”

Thank you for diving into our captivating list of ’50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with X’. We hope this has sparked inspiration for your unique name choice. Remember, the name you select will be your baby’s lifelong companion, making the perfect choice is vital. Continue to explore and get inspired by checking out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. You’re just a name away from welcoming your remarkable little one into the world.

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