50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with S to Set Your Heart Aflutter

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Welcoming a baby girl is like welcoming a little piece of magic into your life. Amidst the excitement, one decision stands uniquely special – choosing the perfect name! Our list of 50 English baby girl names starting with ‘S’ is here to inspire you, fellow moms, in your quest to find that special name.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Names starting with ‘S’ have graced many influential women around the globe. Scarlett Johansson, the versatile Hollywood actress, and Serena Williams, the renowned tennis icon, are two such examples. Their names not only reflect elegance but also resonate with power and perseverance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SophiaSofia, SophieWisdom
ScarlettScarlet, ScarletteRed
SerenitySerenitie, SereniteeCalm, peaceful
SamanthaSam, SammiListener
StellaEstella, StelaStar
SadieSadey, SadiPrincess
SaraSarah, SaraiPrincess
SelenaSelina, SaleneMoon goddess
SkyeSky, SkieThe sky
SavannaSavannah, SavanaOpen plain
SashaSascha, SachaProtector of mankind
SydneySidney, SydneeWide island
ShelbyShelbi, ShelbieSettlement of huts
SierraCierra, SieraMountain
SummerSommer, SummarSeason
SerenaSerina, SerenahTranquil, serene
SageSaige, SajeWise, herb
SandySandi, SandeProtector
SelahSela, SaliahRock
SariSariyah, SariahNoble
SimoneSimona, SimonneOne who hears
SunnySunnie, SunshineCheerful
SherylCheryl, SherriBeloved
SaffronSaffie, SaffyYellow flower
SapphireSapphira, SaphireBlue gemstone
SheenaShena, SheenahGod is gracious
SukiSookie, SookeeBeloved
ShaniceShaniece, ShaniseGod is gracious
SidneySydney, CidneyWide meadow
SavannahSavanna, VannaOpen plain
SineadSioned, SynaidGod’s gracious gift
SeraphinaSerafima, SerafineFiery-winged
SennaSena, SannahBrightness
ShanaShayna, ShainaBeautiful
ShiraSheera, ShyraSong
ShilohShyloh, ShiloHis gift
SibylSybil, SibelProphetess, seer
SusannahSusan, SuzanneLily
ShoshanaShoshanna, ShanaRose
SanciaSanzia, SancheaHoly
SolsticeSolstace, SolstisSun standing still
SorrelSorel, SorrilReddish brown
SirenaSerena, SyrenaMermaid
StarlaStarlah, StariaStar
SoledadSolada, SolaSolitude
SvelteSvetla, SvetlanaSlim
SariaSariya, SaryaPrincess
SabelleSabela, SabellaConsecrated to God
SolaraSolaira, SolariaOf the sun
SierraCierra, SearaMountain
SveaSveva, SveiaSpear

Thank you, dear moms, for joining us on this exciting journey of exploring English baby girl names starting with ‘S’. The joy of naming your little girl is truly unparalleled. If you’re still hunting for that perfect name, do check out our other baby name idea lists. Here’s to finding a name as unique and special as your little one!

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