50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with T That Spell Charm and Class

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Choosing a name for your little man is one of the greatest joys of motherhood. Our list of 50 English baby boy names starting with T is here to make your journey even more delightful, empowering you with a range of names that are both classic and trendy!

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with T

From the legendary author Tolkien (J.R.R. Tolkien) to renowned actor Tom Hanks and Grammy-winning singer Tony Bennett, the letter ‘T’ has graced many successful and influential men. These names not only carry a sense of familiarity but also embody traits of creativity, strength, and charisma.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. TheodoreTheo, Teddy, TedDivine gift
2. ThomasTom, Tommy, TommieTwin
3. TimothyTim, Timmy, TymothyHonoring God
4. TateTait, Tatum, TatenCheerful, happy
5. ToddTod, ToddyFox
6. TobyTobias, Tobie, TobinGod is good
7. TannerTan, Tannie, TanisLeather worker
8. TaylorTay, Taylon, TaylenTailor
9. TravisTrav, Travy, TravonCrossings, crossroads
10. TrentTrenton, Trenten, TrentinTorrent
11. TristanTris, Trystan, TristinOutcry, tumult
12. TroyTroye, Troi, TrowFoot soldier
13. TyTyler, Tyson, TyrellLandholder
14. TysonTyse, Tysen, TyssonFirebrand
15. TylerTy, Tylar, TylorTile maker
16. TrevorTrevar, Trever, TrevPrudent
17. TonyToni, Tonie, TonnyPriceless one
18. TerrenceTerry, Terri, TerranceTender, Gracious
19. TadTadd, Taddeusz, ThadHeart
20. TevinTev, Tevon, TevynBeautiful at birth
21. TobiasToby, Tobie, TobiGod is good
22. TitoTitus, Titos, TitasGiant, Honoured
23. TravisTraver, Trav, TravenCrossroads
24. TravisTraver, Travs, TraviTo cross over
25. TrentonTrent, Trenten, TrentynTrespasser
26. TrumanTrumen, Tru, TrumannLoyal one
27. TuckerTuck, Tuckerman, TuckieFabric Pleater
28. TylenTyler, Tyllen, TylennA Worker in Roof Tiles
29. TyroneTyron, Ty, TyrinKing
30. TazTazz, Tazzie, TazzyWolf
31. ThatcherThatch, Thacher, ThatcharRoof Thatcher
32. ThorThorr, Tor, ThorenThunder
33. ThaddeusThad, Tad, ThaddCourageous
34. TyreseTy, Tyree, TyreeceEnthusiast
35. TannerTan, Taner, TannorLeather maker
36. TedTeddy, Eddy, EdwardWealthy Guardian
37. TerryTerrence, Terri, TerranTender
38. TildenTildon, Tildan, TildynFertile vale
39. TiltonTiltan, Tylton, TiltynProsperous town
40. TaberTaiber, Taibor, TaborDrummer
41. TobiasToby, Tobi, TobyeGod is Good
42. TavinTevin, Tavon, TaviRoyal staff
43. TravisTraver, Trav, TravenTo cross over
44. TennysonTennison, Tenney, TenneSon of Dennis
45. TreyTray, Tre, TreaThree
46. ThorneThorn, Thornie, ThorneyThorn bush
47. ThurstonThurstun, Thurstin, ThurstynThor’s stone
48. TullyTullie, Tulli, TullioPeaceful
49. TurnerTurnor, Turnar, TurnurCarpenter
50. TysonTy, Tyse, TysenFirebrand

We hope our comprehensive list of 50 English baby boy names starting with T has made your search a tad bit easier and a lot more exciting! Choosing a name is no small task—it’s a gift that your child will carry for life. We invite you to check out more such inspiring lists on our website, and who knows, you might just stumble upon ‘The One’. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your remarkable journey to motherhood.

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