50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with S: Crafting a Legacy

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Hey mama-to-be! Searching for the perfect name for your little one? Dive into our playful, yet profound list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with S and let the magic begin!

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Game of Thrones” fans might recognize ‘Sean’, as in Sean Bean, the acclaimed British actor. Then there’s ‘Samuel’, think Samuel L. Jackson, the Hollywood superstar. How about ‘Stephen’, like the legendary author Stephen King? The influence of ‘S’ names is certainly not short in stature.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SamuelSam, Sammy“God has heard”
2. SeanShaun, Shawn“God is gracious”
3. StephenSteven, Stefan“Crown”
4. ScottScot“From Scotland”
5. StanleyStan“Near the stony meadow”
6. StuartStewart“Guardian”
7. SimonSimeon, Simone“He has heard”
8. SethSet“Appointed”
9. SilasSylas“Man of the forest”
10. Sawyer“Woodcutter”
11. SpencerSpence“Dispenser of provisions”
12. Sheldon“Valley on the ledge”
13. SandySandie“Defending men”
14. Saul“Asked for, prayed for”
15. SolomonSol, Soloman“Peace”
16. SullivanSully, Sulley“Dark eyes”
17. Sterling“Of high value, genuine”
18. SkylarSkyler“Scholar”
19. SidneySydney“Wide island”
20. Sherman“Shear man”
21. SylvesterSly, Silvester“Of the forest”
22. SinclairSinclaire“Prayer”
23. Stetson“Son of Stephen”
24. SonnySunny“Son”
25. Skip“Shipmaster, skipper”
26. SaxonSaxen, Saxan“Swordsman”
27. ShilohShyloh, Shilo“His gift”
28. Stafford“From the landing-place ford”
29. Sherwin“Bright friend”
30. SigmundSigmond“Victorious protector”
31. Shannon“Little wise owl”
32. SaxtonSaxon“Swordsman’s town”
33. Sumner“Summoner”
34. Shade“Shadow”
35. Simba“Lion”
36. Scorpio“Scorpion”
37. Slater“Roofer”
38. Sven“Youth”
39. Sheffield“From the croft on the shelf”
40. SabinSaban, Saben“A Sabine man”
41. SeamusSéamus“Supplanter”
42. ShepherdShepard“Sheep keeper”
43. SchuylerSkyler“Scholar”
44. SamsonSampson“Sun”
45. SergioSerge“Servant”
46. Santana“Holy”
47. Stellan“Calm, peaceful”
48. SylvanSilvan, Sylven“Of the forest”
49. SorenSoren“Severe”
50. Storm“Tempest”

Thanks so much for exploring our list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with S. We hope you found a name that resonates with your hopes and dreams for your son. Remember, this is just a taste of the inspiration available on our site. Dive in and discover an ocean of baby name ideas awaiting just for you. Happy naming!

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