50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with R: Explore Tradition and Freshness

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Hey there, mom-to-be! We’ve compiled a fascinating list of 50 English baby boy names starting with R. It’s time to dive in, find inspiration, and maybe even decide on that perfect name for your future little superstar!

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with R

Beneath the ‘R’ umbrella, many spectacular names have made their mark. Renowned British actor Rowan Atkinson, charismatic musician Ringo Starr, and the late Richard Burton, a Hollywood legend, all wear names beginning with this robust letter. These names have stood the test of time, offering a rich blend of tradition and individuality.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RalphRalf, RafeWolf counsel
RobertRob, Bob, BobbyBright Fame
RichardRich, Rick, RickyBrave Ruler
RyderRider, RydurHorseman
RyanRian, RionLittle King
RayRaye, ReyBeam of Light
RussellRuss, RusselRedhead, Fox-colored
RodneyRod, RoddyIsland of reeds
RileyRyley, RileeRye Clearing
ReubenRuben, RuebenBehold, a Son
RonaldRon, Ronnie, RonnyRuler’s Counselor
ReginaldReggie, ReynoldCounsel power
RogerRodger, RogFamous spear
RandallRandell, RandyShield Wolf
RaymondRay, RaymundProtecting Hands
RossRoosRed, Rose
ReidReed, ReadRed Headed
RolandRolando, RollandFamous Land
RobinRobyn, RobbinBright Fame
RoryRorey, RorrieRed King
ReillyRiley, RyleyCourageous, Valiant
RowlandRoland, RollanRenowned Land
ReeceReese, RhysEnthusiasm
RemyRemi, RemieOarsman
RalphieRalphy, RalfieWolf Counsel
RoderickRoddy, RoderikFamous Power
RamseyRamsay, RamzeyGarlic Island
RigbyRigbie, RigbeyRuler’s Valley
RoccoRocko, RocoRest
RiverRive, RyverRiver
RustyRussy, RussiRedhead, Fox-colored
RonnieRoni, RonyRuler’s Counselor
RoscoeRosco, RoskoDeer Wood
RalphRalf, RafeWolf counsel
RaulRall, RaullWolf Counsel
RedmondRedmund, RedmonWise Protector
RupertRuperto, RuppertBright Fame
RemyRemi, RemieOarsman
RidleyRidlee, RidlyReed Meadow
ReeveReave, ReevSteward
RamRammeMale Sheep
RansomRansome, RansumSon of the Shield
RaynerRainer, RaineCounsel Army
ReynardRaynard, ReinardStrong Counselor
RobesonRobison, RobesonBright Fame, Son of Robert
RolfRolfe, RolloWolf
RexRecks, RekksKing
RipleyRiplee, RiplyMeadow near the river

Thank you for exploring our handpicked list of 50 English baby boy names starting with R. We hope this guide sparks inspiration and excitement in your naming journey. Remember, there’s a whole universe of baby names awaiting you on our site, ready to inspire you in this heart-warming decision. Happy name hunting!

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