50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with R: Inspiration for Your Little Princess

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Hello there, soon-to-be mama! I know how important finding that perfect name can be for your little girl. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with R – a blend of charm, elegance, and grace!

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with R

Let’s take a moment to appreciate famous personalities with English baby girl names starting with R. Rachel Green, a beloved character from the popular TV show Friends, has probably made ‘Rachel’ a household name. Real-life inspirations such as Reese Witherspoon, an award-winning actress and producer, and Rosalind Franklin, a pioneering scientist, have also contributed to the popularity of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. RachelRachelle, RachaelEwe, Sheep
2. RebeccaRebecka, RebaTo Bind
3. RoseRosalie, RosaRose, Flower
4. RubyRubiePrecious Stone
5. ReginaRegine, ReinaQueen
6. RileyRilee, RyleeCourageous
7. ReneeRenae, RenataRebirth
8. RowanRolan, RoanLittle Red One
9. RoxanneRoxanna, RoxanaDawn, Bright
10. RamonaRomana, RomonaWise Protector
11. RheaRheiaFlowing Stream
12. RhodaRhodah, RhoadaRose
13. RainaRayna, RaineQueen
14. RosamundRosamond, RosamundeHorse Protection
15. RhiannonRheannon, RianonDivine Queen
16. RomillyRomiley, RomilleFrom The Hillside Lake
17. RosalindRoslynn, RosalinBeautiful Rose
18. RosalieRosalee, RosaliaRose
19. RobertaRobina, RobinBright Fame
20. RylieRilie, RyleighCourageous
21. RyannRyanne, RianneLittle King
22. RuthRuthe, RuthieCompanion, Vision Of Beauty
23. RosettaRosita, RosetLittle Rose
24. RivkaRifka, RifaTo Bind
25. RaisaRayssa, RaissaEasy-going
26. RafaellaRaphaela, RaffaelaGod Has Healed
27. RadhaRadhah, RadiaSuccessful
28. RoslynRoslynn, RozlynBeautiful, Pretty Rose
29. RemiRemie, RemyOarsman
30. RoriRory, RoreeRed King
31. RosinaRossina, RozinaRose
32. RaphaelaRaphaella, RafaellaGod Has Healed
33. RebekkaRebeckah, RebekaTo Bind
34. RoksanaRoxana, RoksannaBright, Dawn
35. RaniaRaniya, RaneeaGazing
36. RosabellaRosabelle, RozabellaBeautiful Rose
37. RomolaRomolla, RomulaRoman Woman
38. RihannaRheanna, RhiannaGreat Queen
39. RiyaReya, RiaSinger
40. RoxyRoxi, RoxeeDawn
41. ReevaReva, RheevaRivulet
42. RavenRavin, RaivenBlackbird
43. RosalinaRoselina, RozalinaBeautiful Rose
44. RachnaRachana, RuchnaCreation
45. RosanneRoseanne, RozanneRose, Grace
46. RhianneRianne, RyanneGreat Queen
47. ReannonRheannon, RiannonSacred Queen
48. RoanneRohanne, RoannRed-haired
49. ReenaRena, RinaPeaceful
50. RhodaRhodia, RhodahRose

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with R. We hope you found it helpful and exciting! Remember, the perfect name for your little one is out there waiting for you to discover. Keep exploring and let our other baby name idea lists inspire you further on your joyous naming journey!

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