50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with P: Your Guide to Uncommon Picks

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Hello, fellow mommas-to-be! Isn’t it fascinating to think that your sweet baby girl’s name could shape her personality? While you’re waiting for that precious little one, allow me to share this wonderful list of 50 English baby girl names starting with P. It’s sure to inspire you!

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with P

P names like Penelope, Patricia, and Paige have all graced outstanding women globally! Penelope Cruz, the talented Oscar-winning actress, showcases the artistic potential of the P names. Patricia Arquette, another acclaimed actress, and activist, represents empowerment. Lastly, Paige VanZant, a renowned professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist, displays grit and determination emblematic of P names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PatriciaPatty, Pat, TrishaNoble
PenelopePenny, Nell, NellieWeaver
PriscillaPrissy, Cilla, ScillaAncient
PaigePaget, PageAttendant
PaulinePaula, Paulette, PollyHumble
PhilippaPippa, Pip, PhillyLover of horses
PiperPippa, PipPipe player
PhoebePhebe, Bee, FeeBright
PollyPol, PollyannaGreat sorrow
PamelaPam, MelaAll sweetness
PearlPerl, PearlaPrecious gem
PeonyPeonie, PeoniHealing flower
PatsyPat, PattiNoble
PhoenixNix, NixieDark red
PortiaPorsha, PorchaOffering
PrimrosePrim, RosieFirst rose
PresleyPres, PresleaPriest’s meadow
PandoraDora, PandaAll gifted
ParisParisa, ParieThe capital of France
PetaPetal, PetRock
PetraPet, PetriaStone
PhyllisPhillie, LyssGreen bough
PiaPiah, PiahPious
PoppyPoppie, PopsRed flower
PrudencePru, PrudyGood judgement
PeggyPeg, MegPearl
PersephonePersie, SephieBringer of destruction
PricillaCilla, PrissyAncient
PhilomenaPhilo, MenaLover of strength
PhilippinaPina, PhillyLover of horses
PartheniaThenia, PartheMaiden
PascalePascal, PascieEaster
PatiencePat, PatsyEnduring
PleasantPleasie, PleasaAgreeable
PromiseProm, PrissyTo pledge
PurityPure, PurieClearness
ProsperaProspie, PerrFortunate
PalmiraMira, PalmieCity of palm trees
PatriceTrice, PattyNoble
PerditaDita, PerdieLost
ParaleeLee, ParalieNear the meadow
ParthenopeThenope, PartheVirgin voice
PascolaCole, PascolieEaster
PrincessPrincie, PrinRoyal daughter
PurisimaSima, PuriePurest
PavlaPavel, PavlieHumble
PalmiraMira, PalmieCity of palm trees
PansyPan, PansieThoughtful
PearliePearl, PearlyPearl

Thank you, dear expecting mothers, for joining us on this delightful journey through 50 English baby girl names starting with P. We hope you found inspiration, joy, and perhaps even the perfect name for your little princess. Remember, the beauty of choosing a name lies in its resonance with your heart. Feel free to explore our other lists of baby name ideas, and here’s to finding that perfect name!

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