50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with O: Unearth Traditional Elegance

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Hey Mommies-to-be! Embarking on the thrilling ride of naming your baby girl? You’ve come to the right place! Dive into our curated list of 50 English baby girl names starting with O, full of charm and tradition.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with O

From the enchanting actress Olivia Wilde to the influential author Octavia E. Butler, the letter ‘O’ provides a treasure trove of remarkable names graced by inspiring women. Olivia Coleman, with her Oscar-winning talent, also bestows further elegance to the ‘O’ names. These names carry a legacy of strength and brilliance, just like your soon-to-be bundle of joy!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. OliviaOlive, AliviaOlive tree
2. OpheliaOfelia, OphelieHelper
3. OpalOpaline, OpalinaJewel
4. OctaviaOctaviana, OctavieEighth
5. OdetteOdetta, OdetteeWealthy
6. OlympiaOlympie, OlympeHeaven
7. OlenaOlenka, OlenyaLight
8. OrlaOrlagh, OrlaithGolden princess
9. OdessaOdissa, OdesaJourney
10. OrianaOryana, OrianneDawn
11. OonaOonagh, UnaLamb
12. OpalineOpal, OpalinaJewel
13. OdeliaOdelya, OdeleiI will praise the Lord
14. OraOrah, AuraLight
15. OrioleOriel, OrielaGolden
16. OnyxOnyxa, OnixGemstone
17. OlgaOlya, OlinaBlessed, holy
18. OsannaOsana, OzannaPraise
19. OrphaOrpah, OrfaGazelle
20. OdeleOdelle, OdellaSong
21. OlindaOlynda, OlindyProtector
22. OrioleOria, OreolaGolden
23. OksanaOxana, OxsanaHospitality
24. OmegaOmegah, OmeegaThe end
25. OrlenaOlena, OrleanaGolden
26. OndineOndina, UndineWave
27. OlwynOlwin, OlwynnWhite footprint
28. OrellaOrrela, OrelaAnnouncement from the gods
29. OrindaOrindah, OrinthaPine trees
30. OrsaOrsah, OrsiaLittle female bear
31. OlivetteOlivetta, OlivetLittle olive
32. OvidiaOvidiya, OvidShepherdess
33. OlyaOlyah, OliyaHoly
34. OceanaOceania, OceanOcean
35. OriaOriah, OreaGold
36. OneidaOneidah, OnidaPeople of the stone
37. OrlandaOrlandah, OrlandiaFamous throughout the land
38. OrpheaOrfia, OrfeaDarkness of night
39. OrquideaOrquidia, OrkideaOrchid
40. OstaraOstarah, OstariaGoddess of spring
41. OttilieOttilia, OttillieProsperous in battle
42. OndreaOndria, OnndreaCourageous
43. OtaviaOctavia, OtaviahEighth
44. OwnahOwenah, OwennaGrace of God
45. OlwennaOlwen, OlwynnaWhite footprint
46. OrlanthaOrlantha, OrlanthaFrom the Orient
47. OletaOletha, OletahWinged
48. OlianaOlianna, OleanaOleander
49. OdelindaOdelinde, OdelynLittle wealthy one
50. OribellaOribelle, OribelaBeautiful golden child

Thanks for exploring our curated list of 50 English baby girl names starting with O. We hope these names have sparked inspiration, and joy in your baby-naming journey. Stay connected to our site for more unique and timeless baby name ideas, because every name carries a story, and every story starts here.

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