50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with O: Add Some Flair to Tradition

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Embarking on the magical journey of choosing a name for your baby boy? Our list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with O is just what you need – filled with charm, tradition, and a dash of uniqueness!

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Did you know many influential figures share English baby boy names starting with O? The charismatic Orlando Bloom, eccentric artist Oliver Jeffers, and revered Shakespearean actor Oliver Reed, for instance. Their remarkable achievements can add a touch of legacy to your boy’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OscarOskar, OskerDivine spear
OliverOlivier, OlivieroOlive tree
OwenOwain, EoghanYoung warrior
OrsonOrsen, OrissonBear cub
OrlanOrleans, OrlandFamous land
OrionOryan, OrienRising in the sky
OsmundOsmond, OsmontGod’s protection
OtisOttis, OticeWealthy
OrvilleOrvill, OrvileGold town
OctavianOctavien, OctavioEighth
OrlandoRolando, OrlondoFamous throughout the land
OakleyOaklee, OkleeOak wood
ObadiahObediah, ObadiasServant of God
OsbornOsbourne, OsburnDivine bear
OsvaldoOswald, OsvaldGod’s power
OakesOaks, OkeNear the oak trees
OisinOssian, OsheenLittle deer
OlafOlav, OlofAncestor’s descendant
OthelloOthelo, OthelioProsperous man
OgdenOgdan, OgdonOak valley
OlenOlan, OlinHolly
OmriOmry, OmreiSheaf of grain
OrenOrin, OranPine tree
OxleyOxlee, OksleyOx meadow
OvidOvied, OvidioSheep herder
OrsenOrsin, OrsynBear cub
OsrickOzzrick, OzricDivine ruler
OrestesOreste, OrestisMountain dweller
OsiasOseas, OsiusSalvation
OthoOto, OttoWealth
OrpheusOrfeus, OrfusThe darkness of night
OrrickOrrik, OrickAncient oak tree
OsherOshar, OshurHappiness
OtaOtah, OhtaWealth
OzzyOzzi, OzzieDivine spear
OlwinOlwen, OlwynHoly friend
OnanOnen, OninProsperous
OrelOrrel, OrilEagle
OmerOmero, OmarrSpeaker
OlamOllam, OlumEternal
OlexeiOlexey, OlexiiDefender
OrdeanOrdeen, OrdinSpear point
OrmanOrmand, OrmonMariner
OdellOdall, OdelWoad hill
OsgoodOsgod, OsgoodeA divine creator
OrmistonOrmeston, OrmestunSerpent hill
OdhranOdhrin, OdhrunLittle pale green one
OxfordOxferd, OxfordeWhere the oxen cross

Thanks for joining us on this exploration of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with O! We hope it’s sparked some inspiration on your naming journey. Ready to explore more? Check out our exciting range of baby name ideas on our site. Happy naming, mom-to-be!

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