50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with P: Choose a Name that Pop

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Hey mama-to-be! Embarking on the adventure of choosing a name for your little one is such a thrill. Our list of 50 English baby boy names starting with P is like the perfect baby name shower gift just for you!

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with P

Let’s dip into history to uncover some star-studded ‘P’ names. We have Paul McCartney, a beacon of the music world; Patrick Stewart, renowned for his acting prowess; and Peter Thiel, a titan in the tech industry. These names carry a legacy, and who knows, your little one might just be next.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PaulPaolo, PabloSmall
2. PeterPete, PedroRock
3. PatrickPat, PaddyNoble
4. PhilipPhil, FelipeHorse Lover
5. PrestonPresFrom the Priest’s Estate
6. PerryPerri, PeryeDweller by the Pear Tree
7. ParkerParkPark Keeper
8. PiercePier, PiersRock
9. PercyPerci, PurcyePierce Valley
10. PorterPortGatekeeper
11. PennPen, PenningtonEnclosure
12. PresleyPreslee, PresliePriest’s Meadow
13. PrincetonPrinston, PrincetinPrince’s Town
14. PeytonPayton, PatonPaega’s Town
15. PadenPadon, PadinPathway
16. PalmerPalmar, PalmorePilgrim
17. PricePryce, PrysSon of Rhys
18. PaxtonPaxten, PaxtunPeace Town
19. PiersPier, PierceRock
20. PrattPratCunning
21. PearcePiers, PierseSon of Piers
22. PascoePasco, PascoalEaster Child
23. ParryParri, ParreySon of Harry
24. PaxonPaxan, PaxunPeaceful Town
25. PlanterPlantarGrower
26. PoulPoule, PowlSmall
27. PaceyPacee, PacyFrom Pacy in France
28. PederPedar, PedorStone
29. PeverellPeverel, PeverilPiper
30. PickworthPickworthe, PicworthFrom the Pickaxe Farm
31. PaddiePaddy, PadiNoble
32. PadraicPadraig, PádraigNoble
33. PackardPackhard, PackarCompletely Hard
34. PollardPolard, PollyardSmall
35. PotterPottar, PottorPot Maker
36. PinkneyPinkne, PinknieSmall
37. PinoPono, PonoPious
38. PincusPinkus, PinchosDark Skinned
39. PaitonPayton, PaightonWarrior’s Village
40. PiersonPiersen, PiersunSon of Piers
41. PelhamPelhame, PelumPeola’s Home
42. PennleyPenley, PenleeEnclosed Meadow
43. PoolePool, PolleSmall Lake or Pond
44. PascualPasqual, PasqualeRelated to Easter
45. ParnellParnel, ParnalLittle Peter
46. PilkingtonPilkingtun, PylkingtonFrom Pileca’s Town
47. PaxonPaxten, PaksenTrader
48. PembrookPembrooke, PembrocBroken Hill
49. PhoenixPhenix, PhenyxDark Red
50. PryorPrior, PrioryMonastic Leader

Thanks for joining us on this fun shower of baby boy names starting with P. We hope you’ve found more than a few that sparked joy and excitement. Remember, this is just one of many idea lists we’ve curated for you! So why not hop on to our other articles to discover more charming baby names. Happy name hunting, future moms!

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