50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with N: Naming Your Bundle of Joy

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Choosing a name for your little princess is like uncovering a hidden gem—it should sparkle with charisma and charm. Our list of 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with N is a treasure trove waiting for your discovery. Delight in the journey as you find a name that encapsulates your baby’s budding personality.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with N

Dive into our list, inspired by stunning figures like Naomi Campbell, fashion’s enduring icon, or Natalie Portman, the Oscar-winning actress who mesmerizes us with her performances. These influential women elevate the allure of English baby girl names starting with N.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NaomiNaiome, NaomiePleasant
NancyNancie, NanceeGrace
NolaNolah, NolanaFamous
NellyNelli, NellieBright, Shining One
NorahNora, NorrahLight
NiaNea, NiahBright
NonaNonna, NoniaNinth
NellNelle, NellaLight
NovaNovah, NoviaNew
NadiaNadya, NadiyahHope
NevaNevah, NeviaSnow
NilaNeela, NilahDark Blue
NoemiNoemie, NoemyPleasant
NormaNormie, NormahRule, Norm
NadineNadene, NadeenHope
NitaNeeta, NitahPlant
NonaNonah, NonnaNinth
NoraNoraa, NorrahHonor, Reputation
NatalieNataly, NataleeChristmas Day
NolaNolah, NolanaWhite Shoulder
NaraNarah, NarraHappy
NessaNesa, NessahPure
NolaNolah, NolanaBell
NyreeNiree, NireaBright Flame
NathaliaNathaly, NathalieChristmas Day
NellieNelly, NelliaShining Light
NicaNika, NycaPeople’s Victory
NerissaNerissah, NarissaFrom the Sea
NaomiNaiomi, NaomiaPleasant
NaraNarah, NarraNear, Close
NalaniNalanie, NalanyHeavens
NikkiNikkie, NickyVictory of the People
NellNelle, NellaMercy
NolitaNolitta, NolytaUnwilling
NonaNonah, NonnaGift
NellieNellia, NellySun Ray
NoreneNoreen, NorineHonor
NaraNarah, NarraOak Tree
NannyNannie, NanniGrace
NitaNeeta, NitahLeader
NitaNeeta, NitahPlant
NixieNixi, NixyWater Sprite
NellyNellie, NelliSun Ray
NorminaNorma, NorminaPrecept
NardaNardah, NardiaNard, Spikenard
NylaNylah, NilaWinner
NaidaNaidah, NaydaWater Nymph
NolaNolah, NolanaFamous
NellNelle, NellaLight
NikaNyka, NicaInnocent

Thank you for exploring our suggested 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with N! We hope we’ve sparked your curiosity and ignited your imagination. Remember, every name has a story. Make your baby’s name a tale worth telling. Don’t hesitate to explore more captivating baby name ideas on our site. Happy naming!

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