50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with M That Are Timeless and Adorable

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Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a labor of love, isn’t it, mommas? We’ve got you covered with 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with M, teeming with charm, history, and distinctiveness. Get ready for some fun name-finding!

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with M

Names beginning with M have been well-embraced by many influential figures. From ‘Maurice’, as in Nobel laureate Maurice Wilkins, to ‘Miles’, reminiscent of the legendary jazz musician, Miles Davis. ‘Matthew’ is another cherished name, like actor Matthew McConaughey. These names have left indelible marks on our culture, embodying ideals of innovation, creativity, and success.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MatthewMatt, Matteo, MateoGift of God
2. MarkMarcus, MarcWarlike
3. MichaelMike, Mick, MikeyWho is like God
4. MasonMasenStone worker
5. MaxwellMaxThe greatest
6. MilesMyles, MiloMerciful
7. MurphyMurphSea warrior
8. MartinMarten, MartynWarlike
9. MitchellMitch, MickyWho is like God
10. MauriceMoritz, MorrisDark-skinned, Moorish
11. MarlonMarlin, MarlenLittle falcon
12. MarshallMarshalLover of horses
13. MontgomeryMonty, MontFrom the wealthy man’s hill
14. MorganMorgon, MorgynSea circle
15. MagnusMagus, ManusOne who is great
16. MalachiMalachy, MalakaiMy messenger
17. MelvinMel, MelvynGentle lord
18. MercerMerceStorekeeper
19. MerlinMerlyn, MyrddinSea fortress
20. MillerMyler, MilarGrinder of grain
21. MonroeMunroeFrom the red swamp
22. MorrisMaurice, MorrieDark-skinned, Moorish
23. MunroMonro, MunroeMan from the red swamp
24. MurrayMurrey, MoraySettlement by the sea
25. MaddoxMaddex, MaddocksFortunate, good
26. MarvinMarvyn, MervinSea hill
27. MasonMaysen, MasenWorker in stone
28. MaximusMaxGreatest
29. MicahMika, MykaWho is like the Lord
30. MiloMyles, MilesSoldier
31. MontgomeryMonty, MontiFrom the rich man’s mountain
32. MosesMoises, MosheDrawn out of the water
33. MyronMyran, MyrenMyrrh
34. ManuelManny, ManoloGod is with us
35. MalcolmMalcom, MalDevotee of Saint Columba
36. MarioMarius, MariSailor
37. MarcusMark, MarcWarlike
38. MessiMessy, MessieAnointed
39. MauroMoro, MaroDark-skinned
40. MackenzieMack, KenzieSon of the wise ruler
41. MarcelMarcell, MarcellusWarlike
42. MaverickMav, MaviIndependent, nonconformist
43. MatthiasMatt, MathiasGift of God
44. MelchiorMelker, MelchorCity of the king
45. MonroeRo, MunroMouth of the Roe River
46. MontgomeryMonty, GumFrom the wealthy man’s mountain
47. MorganMorgun, MorgonSea warrior
48. MorleyMoor, MorelyMeadow on the moor
49. MortonMory, MorteTown near the moat
50. MylesMiles, MiloSoldier

Well, there you have it, folks! A curated list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with M to inspire you on your naming journey. Remember, each name is a beautiful story waiting to unfold. Thanks for joining us on this delightful expedition. Don’t forget to check other baby name idea lists on our site and keep the inspiration flowing. Happy naming!

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