50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with M to Make Her Stand Out

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Hey, mommas-to-be! Welcome to the thrilling journey of naming your baby girl. Dive into our curated list of 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with M and let the inspiration flow!

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Did you know? Famous figures like actress Meryl Streep, singer Madonna, and climate activist Malala Yousafzai all shine brightly with ‘M’ starting names. These powerful women are the perfect testament to the strength and beauty of English Baby Girl Names starting with M.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MiaMiah, MyaBeloved
2. MadisonMadyson, MaddisonSon of Maud
3. MollyMollie, MolliStar of the sea
4. MaisieMaizie, MaiseyPearl
5. MeghanMegan, MeaghanPearl
6. MelissaMelisa, MelyssaHoney bee
7. MatildaMathilda, MatildeMighty in battle
8. MariaMarie, MariahWished-for child
9. MaggieMaggy, MaggiPearl
10. MarcellaMarcela, MarcellinaWarlike
11. MirandaMirinda, MirandahWonderful
12. MyraMyrah, MyrahMyrrh
13. MarinaMariana, MarainaFrom the sea
14. MonicaMonika, MonicahAdvisor
15. MargotMargo, MargauxPearl
16. MarionMarian, MarianneBitter
17. MaxineMaxene, MaxinneGreatest
18. MavisMaviss, MavysSongbird
19. MoriahMoria, MoreaSeen by Yahweh
20. MinnieMinny, MinniWill, helmet, protection
21. MorganMorgyn, MorgenSea circle
22. MabelMabelle, MaybelLovable
23. MelissaMelisa, MeliciaHoney bee
24. MelodyMelodi, MelodieSong
25. MeredithMeridith, MeridethGreat ruler
26. MilaMilia, MelaGracious
27. MarissaMarrisa, MarisaOf the sea
28. MarleneMarleen, MarlynFrom Magdala
29. MyrtleMyrtel, MirtleA plant
30. MelindaMelindia, MalindaGentle one
31. MoniqueMonika, MonikeAdvisor
32. MarielMarielle, MaryelBitter
33. MaribelMaribelle, MaribellBitterly beautiful
34. MinervaMinervah, MinerviaMind, intellect
35. MildredMeldred, MildridGentle strength
36. MoiraMora, MoyraDestiny
37. MarciaMarsha, MarsiaDedicated to Mars
38. MyrnaMerna, MirnaBeloved
39. MaureenMoreen, MureenGreat
40. MarilynMarylyn, MarlynBlend of Mary and Lyn
41. MurielMerial, MurialBright sea
42. MadeleineMadeline, MadelynOf Magdala
43. MillicentMilicent, MilisentStrong in work
44. MichelMikell, MichelaWho is like God
45. MeredithMeredeth, MeridithLord of the sea
46. MartinaMartyna, MarcinaWarlike
47. MerylMeril, MerrillShining sea
48. MaudeMaud, ModBattle-mighty
49. MindyMendi, MindeeHoney
50. MarjorieMargery, MarjoryPearl

Thanks for joining us in exploring these 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with M! We hope our curated list has sparked your creativity and provided a dash of inspiration for this beautiful naming journey. Even more exciting options await on our site – keep exploring for more baby name ideas. Your perfect name is waiting!

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