50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with L: Pioneering a Legacy

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is like unwrapping a precious gift – full of promise and excitement. Our list of 50 English baby girl names starting with L will guide you on this beautiful journey, offering a blend of classic, whimsical, and unique options.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with L

L-names have a special charm, embraced by many influential personalities. Award-winning actress Laura Linney, renowned author Louisa May Alcott, and trailblazing scientist Lynn Margulis are just a few examples that reflect the strength, grace, and creativity associated with English girl names starting with L.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LilyLilly, LilliePure, Passion, Rebirth
LauraLauri, LoraLaurel Tree
LenaLina, LynaBright, Shining One
LeahLea, LiaWeary
LilaLilah, LeelaDark Beauty, Night
LucyLucie, LuciLight
LylaLila, LeilaIsland beauty
LydiaLidia, LydieNoble One
LottieLoti, LottyFree Woman
LexiLexie, LexyDefender of Mankind
LaineyLaney, LayneyBright light
LaceyLacie, LaceeFrom Lacy
LynnLynne, LynLake
LaurelLaural, LaurilLaurel Tree
LanaLanna, LannahAttractive, Peaceful
LouisaLuisa, LouizaRenowned Fighter
LeslieLesley, LesliGarden of Holly
LunaLunah, LounaMoon
LilianaLilianna, LillianaLily Flower
LibertyLibbie, LibbyFreedom
LondonLondyn, LondinFrom the great river
LeonieLeoni, LeonyLion
LindsayLindsey, LinseyLinden Trees Near the Water
LisaLiza, LiseGod’s Promise
LeahLea, LeiWeary
LouiseLouize, LuisaRenowned Fighter
LavernaLaverne, LaVerneBorn in the Spring
LorraineLoraine, LorayneFrom Lorraine
LucilleLucile, LucillaLight
LeilaLayla, LeelaNight
LaureenLauren, LorineLaurel
LanaeLanna, LanayFair, Good-looking
LillieLilly, LiliPure
LorettaLorretta, LorettePure
LakeLaik, LaykeBody of water
LetaLetta, LethaGladly
LianneLeanne, LiannGracious
LarissaLarisa, LaryssaCheerful
LeannaLeannah, LeanaLight
LoisLoise, LoyceSuperior
LeliaLeliah, LeliaWell-spoken
LoraLaura, LorahLaurel
LayneLane, LainePath, Roadway
LuellaLuela, LouellaWarrior
LivLivia, LivieLife
LiviaLiviah, LivyaBlue
LainieLaney, LaineyBright light
LoreleiLorelai, LoralyLuring rock
LindenLynden, LyndonLinden tree near the water
LianaLeana, LiannaTo Bind
LorenaLorna, LorinaCrowned with laurel

Thanks for joining us on this exploration of 50 English baby girl names starting with L! We hope it has sparked your imagination and provided a source of inspiration for your little one’s name. Continue the journey with us – delve into our other baby name idea lists on our site, each one crafted with as much love and care as this one.

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