50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with L: Crafting His Identity Starts Here

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Settling on the perfect name for your new arrival is no small feat, mama! As you embark on this exciting journey, we have curated an exclusive list of 50 English baby boy names that start with L to spark your imagination and make this process as joyful as possible.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with L

Names beginning with L have graced many famous and influential figures. The likable Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the legendary poet Lord Byron, and the renowned scientist Linus Pauling all carry names beginning with this expressive letter. These names not only carry a rich history but also a touch of star quality.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LiamLeam, LiumResolute Protector
LucasLuke, Luc, LukasLight
LeoLeon, Leopold, LeonardoLion
LouisLewis, LouieFamous Warrior
LeviLevon, LevJoined, attached
LincolnLink, LynconTown by the pool
LawrenceLaurence, LarryMan from Laurentium
LanceLantz, LanseLand
LoganLogen, LoghanSmall Hollow
LukeLuc, LukasLight
LandenLandon, LandinFrom the long hill
LutherLute, LutharPeople Army
LesterLestar, LestorFrom Leicester
LeonardLeo, LennyLion strength
LyleLisle, LyellIsland
LeightonLayton, LeitonHerb garden
LindenLynden, LyndonLime tree
LaneLaine, LaynePath, roadway
LamarLamarr, LemarThe sea
LyricLirik, LyrickWords of a song
LachlanLochlan, LoughlinLand of lakes
LennoxLenox, LennixWith many elm trees
LeifLeaf, LiefHeir, descendant
LarsLarz, LarseCrowned with laurel
LangstonLangsden, LangstoneLong stone
LloydLoyd, LlwydGrey
LucienLucian, LucianoLight
LayneLane, LainePath, roadway
LincolnLinc, LinkTown by the pool
LambertLambart, LambirtLand bright
LandonLandin, LandynLong hill
LuciusLucious, LucLight
LeanderLeandre, LianderLion man
LexingtonLexinton, LexingtenTown of the new law
LivingstonLivingsten, LivingstunLeofa’s town
LeverettLeveret, LeverittYoung hare
LorcanLorcun, LorkanLittle fierce one
LarkinLarken, LarkynFierce
LaithLayth, LaitheLion
LysanderLisander, LyzanderLiberator
LeopoldLeupold, LeopaldBold people
LazarusLazurus, LazareGod has helped
LibertyLiberity, LiberteeFreedom
LeicesterLestor, LesterRoman town
LeightonLayton, LaitonHerb garden
LancelotLancelott, LanceloteServant
LochlanLachlan, LochlenLand of lakes
LindonLyndon, LindenLimes
LorneLorin, LorenFrom Lorne, Scotland
LairdLard, LerdLandlord

Thanks a million, Mamas, for exploring our list of 50 English baby boy names starting with ‘L’. Naming your little boy is a beautiful journey, and we’re here to accompany you every step of the way. Continue your adventure by checking out other baby name idea lists on our site. Here’s to discovering that perfect name for your newest family member!

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