50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with K To Kindle Your Creativity

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Hey mama-to-be! If you’re buzzing with excitement over the prospect of naming your upcoming bundle of joy, you’re in the right place! Let me share with you 50 English baby boy names starting with K that are absolutely worth considering.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Did you know there are several famous folks sporting names beginning with K? From the charismatic Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves, to the gifted singer-songwriter, Kanye West, and the extraordinary athlete, Kobe Bryant – the letter ‘K’ certainly seems to be a popular choice among the noteworthy!

NameCommon VariationsMeanings
KevinKevyn, KevanHandsome, Beloved
KyleKyler, KylanNarrow, straight
KeithKeath, KeethWood, forest
KentKenton, KentinBright, white
KurtCurt, KurteWise counselor
KipKipp, KipperPointed hill
KadeCade, KadenRound, lumpy
KaneCain, KainWarrior
KalebCaleb, KalibDog; heart
KaseyCasey, KaceyBrave in battle
KnoxNox, NoxxHilltop
KeanuKeon, KeanoThe cool breeze
KendrickKenrick, KendrikRoyal ruler, champion
KieranCiaran, KeranLittle dark one
KobyKobe, KobiSupplanter
KrisChris, KrissChrist-bearer
KieferKifer, KiefferBarrel maker
KirkKerk, KurkChurch
KelseyKelsy, KelsiIsland of the ships
KeeganKegan, KaganLittle, fiery
KipperKip, KippSalmon
KennethKenny, KenneyHandsome
KingKink, KingeRuler
KatoKatow, KattoSecond of twins
KellyKellie, KelliWarrior
KenanKennan, KienanPossession
KirbyKerby, KirbieChurch town
KaiserKaisar, KayserEmperor
KesterKester, CesterChrist-Bearer
KeltonKelten, KeltanTown of the keels
KeatonKeton, KeetonPlace of hawks
KentonKentonn, KentanHigh settlement
KoryCory, KoriHollow
KermitKermitt, KermieFree man
KenelmKenelme, KenhelmBrave helmet
KipperKippar, KipporPointed hill
KeirKeire, KeerDark-haired
KonradConrad, ConradeBrave counsel
KeefeKeeffe, KieffeNoble, gentle
KaelKail, KaleMighty warrior
KingstonKingstone, KingstownKing’s town
KelvinKelvyn, KelvanRiver man
KennardKennhard, KenardBrave chieftain
KearneyKearny, KerneyVictorious
KimballKimbal, KymballWarrior chief
KirklandKirklin, KirklenChurch land
KendallKendal, KendylValley of the River Kent
KarlCarl, KarleFree man
KeadenKaden, KadinCompanion
KillianKilian, CillianChurch, monastery

Thanks for exploring our ’50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with K’ list – we hope it sparked some inspiration for your baby naming journey! Remember, the perfect name can be just a click away. So why not explore more of our delightful baby name lists? We’ve got plenty more to stir your imagination!

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