50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with K: Cherished Names for Your Joy

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Choosing your baby girl’s name is a beautiful journey filled with anticipation, joy, and excitement. Our curated list of ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with K’ is here to guide you through this memorable journey, with names that are not only beautiful but filled with rich history and meaning.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with K

From the realms of cinema, literature, and music, many successful women bear names starting with K. Award-winning actress Keira Knightley, celebrated author Kathryn Stockett, and pop icon Katy Perry are just some powerhouses with ‘K’ names, infusing these monikers with their talent and charisma.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KarenKarin, CarenPure
KatrinaKatarina, KatrinePure
KimberlyKimberley, KymberlyFrom the wood of the royal fortress
KeiraKira, KyraDark-haired
KaitlynCaitlin, KatelynPure
KaylaKaila, KaylahLaurel wreath
KellyKelli, KellieWarrior
KylieKiley, KylyBoomerang
KatherineKathryn, CatherinePure
KirstenKiersten, KirstinChristian
KendraKendrah, KenndraKnowing
KelseyKelsie, KelsiShip’s victory
KennedyKenadee, KennediMisshapen head
KristinKristyn, KristineFollower of Christ
KeelyKeelie, KealyBeautiful, handsome
KeevaKiva, CaoimheGentle, beautiful, precious
KassidyCassidy, KassidiCurly-haired
KieraKierra, KearaDark
KaitlinCaitlin, KatelynPure
KylaKylah, KyllaNarrow spit of land
KarissaCarissa, CorissaVery dear
KayleeKailee, KaeleeLaurel, crown
KinsleyKynsley, KinnsleyKing’s meadow
KennaKennah, KenaBorn of fire
KarsynCarson, KarsenSon of the marsh-dwellers
KaiaKaiya, KajaThe sea
KamilaCamila, KamilahPerfect
KinleyKinlee, KynleyThe king’s meadow
KarlaCarla, KarlyFree woman
KaiKye, KaieOcean
KamrynCameron, KamronBent nose
KarisCharis, KharisGrace
KallieCallie, KallyMost beautiful
KarmaCarmah, KarmahDestiny, spiritual force
KateriCateri, CateryPure
KensleyKinsley, KinsleeKing’s meadow
KelseyKelsi, KelsieShip’s victory
KileyKylee, KyleighBeautiful
KendallKendal, KendellValley of the River Kent
KenleyKenlee, KenleeClear water
KiannaKiana, KeannaAncient
KiraKyra, KeiraThrone
KirstyKirsti, KirstieChristian
KlaireClaire, ClareClear, bright
KlarissaClarissa, KlarisaBright, clear
KlaraClara, KlarahBright, clear
KristiannaCristiana, KristianaFollower of Christ
KylahKyla, KilaNarrow strait
KaleighKaley, KayleighLaurel, crown
KarleyKarly, CarlyFree woman

Thank you for exploring our lovingly curated list of ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with K’. We hope it’s inspired you and made your baby-naming journey a bit easier. Remember, every name carries a unique story and we have plenty more lists of baby name ideas on our site to inspire you further. Happy naming!

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