50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with J: Inspiration for Your Joyous Arrival

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Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most thrilling experiences as a mom-to-be. Dive into our remarkable list of 50 English baby girl names starting with J and feel the joy of discovering a name that will fit your little bundle of love perfectly.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with J

Underneath the letter J, you’ll find names bathed in heritage and starlight. Think of influential figures like Jacqueline Kennedy, a beacon of elegance and strength, or the talented actress Jessica Chastain, illuminating the silver screen.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. JadeJadi, JaidPrecious green stone
2. JessicaJess, JessieRich, God Beholds
3. JasmineJasmin, JazmineGift from God, Flower
4. JoyJoi, JoieHappiness
5. JulietteJuliet, JulietaYoung, youthful
6. JillianJilly, JillYouthful
7. JoelleJoella, JoelyJehovah is God
8. JennaJennah, JennFair, White
9. JosephineJose, JosieGod will add
10. JaydaJada, JaedaHe knows, wise
11. JoanJoanie, JoanaGod is gracious
12. JaniceJanis, JanessaGift from God
13. JacquelineJackie, JacquelynSupplanter
14. JoleneJoline, JolenaPretty
15. JeanetteJeannette, JeanieGod is gracious
16. JenniferJenny, JenFair one
17. JoslynJoselyn, JocelynMember of the Gauts tribe
18. JanineJanina, JaneneGod is gracious
19. JazzlynJazzlynne, JazzlynnModern invented name
20. JessieJess, JessiGod Beholds
21. JodieJodi, JodyPraised
22. JulianneJulia, JuliannaYouthful
23. JemmaGemma, JemimaPrecious stone
24. JustineJustina, JustynaJust, fair
25. JusticeJustise, JustinaRighteousness, fairness
26. JeriJerry, JerriRuler with a spear
27. JaimeJamie, JaimieSupplanter
28. JanJannie, JanaGod is gracious
29. JaneyJane, JanyGod is gracious
30. JayneJayna, JaynellGod is gracious
31. JeanneJeanna, JeanGod is gracious
32. JoJojo, JoanaGod is gracious
33. JuneJunie, JunoYoung
34. JaclynJaclynn, JacklynSupplanter
35. JudyJudie, JudiPraised
36. JosieJosefina, JosianneGod will add
37. JocastaJocasta, JocastaShining moon
38. JoyaJoi, JoyeJewel
39. JayceeJacey, JaceeInitials J.C.
40. JamiJamie, JaimieSupplanter
41. JaelJale, JayelMountain goat
42. JaidaJayda, JadaHe knows, wise
43. JaleneJaline, JalenaLight, Shining
44. JanaeJanea, JanaiGod’s Gracious Gift
45. JanessaVanesa, JanesaGod is gracious
46. JillJilly, GiliaYouthful
47. JulesJulia, JulieYouthful
48. JianaGiana, GiannaGod is gracious
49. JordynJordan, JordynnFlowing down
50. JewelJewell, JewellePrecious gem

Thank you for taking this charming journey through our list of 50 English baby girl names starting with J. As you prepare to welcome your little one, we hope these names sparked some inspiration. Continue your exploration with our other baby name lists on our site. Here’s to finding that perfect name that will start your baby’s life story!

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