50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with J: Elevate Your Journey

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Hello, future superstar moms! Embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood, we all desire a name for our baby boys that’s as unique and special as they are. Our curated list of ’50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with J’ will be your guiding star in this exciting journey!

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with J

From the charismatic John F. Kennedy to the talented Justin Timberlake, the letter ‘J’ has been the initial of many notable figures who have left an indelible mark on the world. Embrace the legacy of these influential personalities by choosing a ‘J’ name for your little champ, and who knows, he might grow up to be the next big thing!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. JackJackie, Jackson“God is gracious”
2. JacobJake, Jakob“Supplanter”
3. JamesJamie, Jim“Supplanter”
4. JaredJarrod, Jarrad“Descending”
5. JasperJas, Jaspar“Bringer of treasure”
6. JaydenJaden, Jaiden“Thankful”
7. JeffreyJeff, Geoff“Peace”
8. JeremyJeremey, Jez“God will uplift”
9. JesseJessie, Jess“Gift”
10. JoelJoell, Joelle“Jehovah is the Lord”
11. JohnJohnny, Jon“God is gracious”
12. JonahJonas, Jonnah“Dove”
13. JonathanJon, Nathan“God has given”
14. JordanJordy, Jorden“Descending”
15. JosephJoe, Joey“He will add”
16. JoshuaJosh, Joshy“Jehovah is salvation”
17. JulianJulius, Julio“Youthful”
18. JustinJustus, Justyn“Just, fair”
19. JudeJud, Judas“Praised”
20. JacksonJacks, Jaxon“Son of Jack”
21. JaggerJag, Jaggar“Peddler”
22. JaidenJayden, Jaden“Thankful”
23. JakeJakey, Jakie“Supplanter”
24. JamalJamil, Jamel“Handsome”
25. JayJaye, Jae“Jay bird”
26. JayceJace, Jase“Healer”
27. JeffersonJeff, Geoff“Son of Geoffrey”
28. JeremiahJerry, Jer“Exalted of the Lord”
29. JeromeJerry, Jeroen“Sacred Name”
30. JudahJuda, Jude“Praised”
31. JuniorJunie, June“Younger”
32. JusticeJustus, Justin“Righteous”
33. JaxJaxon, Jex“God has been gracious”
34. JettJet, Jeth“Black mineral”
35. JethroJetro, Jett“Abundance”
36. JimJimmy, Jimmie“Supplanter”
37. JobJobe, Joby“Persecuted”
38. JodyJodie, Jodi“God will increase”
39. JohannJohan, John“God is gracious”
40. JuddJud, Jude“Praised”
41. JulianJulien, Julio“Youthful”
42. JedidiahJed, Jedd“Friend of God”
43. JarvisJervis, Jervys“Spear servant”
44. JairYair, Jairus“He shines”
45. JethJett, Jethr“Eminent, supreme”
46. JeraldGerald, Jerrold“Ruler with the spear”
47. JelaniGelani, Jellani“Mighty”
48. JevinJeven, Jevyn“Young”
49. JerronJeron, Jaron“Cry of rejoicing”
50. JaphethJafet, Japhet“Spreading”

Thank you for being part of our joy in presenting this list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with J. We hope it sparks plenty of inspiration as you embark on the wonderful journey of choosing your baby’s name. Remember, the magic doesn’t stop here – explore more of our baby name idea lists to discover the perfect moniker for your little one. Happy naming, mommas!

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