50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with I: Timeless and Distinctive

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Are you on the hunt for a charming name for your little prince that resonates with both tradition and individuality? Dive into our curated list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘I’ and let your baby’s name be a wonderful first gift to him.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with I

From the realm of arts to the arenas of sports, names beginning with ‘I’ have left their marks. Isaac Newton, the great physicist and mathematician, made ‘Isaac’ a favorite among science enthusiasts. Basketball fans might recognize the name ‘Iverson’, thanks to the skills of Allen Iverson, former NBA player. For literature lovers, ‘Ian’ holds significance, reminding us of British author Ian McEwan.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IanEan, Eoin“Gift from God”
IsaacIssac, Isac“He will laugh”
IvanIvano, Ivon“God is gracious”
IrvinIrvine, Ervin“Green river”
IsaiahIssiah, Isiah“Salvation of the Lord”
IsidoreIsadore, Izzy“Gift of Isis”
IgnatiusIggy, Nate“Fiery”
IsraelIzzy, Rael“Prince with God”
ImmanuelEmanuel, Manny“God is with us”
InigoIndigo, Enigo“Fiery”
IngramIngraham, Ingemar“Angel’s Raven”
IrvingIrv, Erving“Green river”
IvesIverson, Ive“Archer’s bow”
IverIvor, Ivar“Archer’s bow”
IrlEarl, Irlan“Eagle ruler”
IcarusIkaros, Ikari“Follower”
IsmailIshmael, Ismael“God will hear”
IthacaIthican, Ithacan“Home of Ulysses”
IlyaYlya, Illya“Jehovah is God”
IndigoIndy, Indee“Indian dye”
IlanIlon, Elon“Tree”
IsandroIsadrin, Isandrin“Man’s liberator”
IvyIvin, Iven“Climbing vine plant”
InnesInis, Innis“Island”
InmanImen, Inmen“Inn keeper”
IdahoIdan, Idin“Gem of the mountains”
ImariImar, Imre“Strong”
IagoIogo, Yago“Supplanter”
IakopaYakopa, Jacopa“Supplanter”
IbsenIben, Ibon“Son of Ibb”
IvoryIvoree, Ivorie“White as Elephant tusks”
IkeIkey, Iky“He will laugh”
IolaniIolana, Iolan“Royal hawk”
IlbertElbert, Albert“Bright”
ItaiItay, Ittai“Friendly”
InglebertIngelbert, Englebert“Angel Bright”
IlarioIlarion, Ilari“Cheerful”
ImmakoleeImmacolata, Immacolad“Without spot”
ImtiazImtiyaz, Imtiya“Privileged”
IssahIsha, Issa“Promise”
IthielIthill, Ithiell“God arrives”
InteusIntous, Intus“Daunting”
InaamInam, Ina“Kindness, benefaction”
InderjitInderjeet, Indarjit“Conqueror of Indra”
IrenaeusIrenea, Irenaios“Peaceful”
IcaroIkaro, Ikaros“Follower”
IktanIkontan, Iketan“Intelligent, wise”
IlsleyIlsly, Ilsleigh“One’s meadow”
ImanolImanul, Imanole“God is with us”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with I. We hope it’s sparked some inspiration and maybe even a favorite or two! Finding the perfect name for your baby boy is truly a special journey. Don’t forget, we have countless more name lists for you to discover on our site. Here’s to finding that perfect name that sounds just right!

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