50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with I: Classics, Trends and Uniques

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Hey there, Mom-to-be! Choosing a name for your little princess is a magical journey. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered with 50 English baby girl names starting with I.

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with I

Isabella Rossellini is a notable actress hailing from Italy, known for her roles in American films. Another name that rings a bell is Imogen Poots, an English actress famous for her roles in American movies. Don’t forget about Iris Murdoch, a renowned writer and philosopher. These influential women beautifully echo the charm of baby girl names starting with ‘I’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IsabelIsabella, Isobel“God’s promise”
IvyIvie, Ivi“Faithfulness”
IreneIrina, Irenee“Peace”
ImogenImogene, Imojean“Maiden”
IndiaIndie, Indi“From India”
IngridInger, Inga“Beautiful”
IlianaIlyana, Eliana“Sunray”
IdaIdda, Idella“Industrious”
InesInez, Ina“Pure”
IlonaIlka, Ilonka“Light”
IsoldeIsolda, Yseult“Ice ruler”
IndigoIndy, India“Blue dye”
IonaIone, Ioni“Blessed”
IsraIsrah, Israe“Nocturnal journey”
IleneIleen, Illene“Light”
IshaIshaan, Ishana“Queen”
ImaniIman, Imanie“Faith”
IslaIslay, Islae“Island”
InnaInnah, Enna“Strong water”
IrisIrys, Iriss“Rainbow”
IrmaIrmuska, Irmina“Universal”
InessaInesa, Inessia“Pure”
IsadoraIsadore, Isadra“Gift of Isis”
IbisIby, Ibie“Sacred bird”
IsraaIsra, Israh“Night journey”
IoIona, Ionanna“Moon”
IrenaIrenka, Irenee“Peace”
IrmakIrmac, Irmaca“River”
IvannaIvana, Iva“God is gracious”
IzzieIzzy, Izzi“God is my oath”
IrinaIrin, Irine“Peace”
IolandaIolantha, Iolanthe“Violet flower”
IratiIratze, Iratxe“Fern field”
ImkaImke, Ime“Universal”
IlsaIlse, Ilsie“God is my oath”
IsminiIsmenia, Ismene“Knowledge”
IsleIsley, Islae“Dream”
IlsaIlse, Ilsie“God is my oath”
IuliaIulia, Ulya“Youthful”
IolaniIolana, Iolan“To soar like a hawk”
ItaItta, Itana“Thirsty”
IvaloIvalu, Ivalin“Sinew”
IoleIola, Iolina“Violet”
IvetteIvet, Iveta“Yew”
InariInara, Inarra“Lake”
IritIrit, Irith“Asphodel”
IltaIlta, Iltana“Night”
IyaboIya, Iyabode“Mother has returned”

Thank you for joining us on this enchanting journey exploring 50 English baby girl names starting with I. From traditional to trendy, we hope our list has sparked your imagination. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name inspiration lists on our site. Enjoy this exciting journey of naming your little one!

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