50 English Baby Girl Names Starting With H: Uncover Hidden Treasures

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Choosing your little girl’s name is a journey filled with love, delight, and a dash of challenge. With our list of 50 English baby girl names starting with H, we’re here to make this journey joyful, providing you with a mix of classic and rare names to consider.

Notable People With ‘H’ Names

Throughout history, the letter ‘H’ has been the starting note of many accomplished women. Renowned personalities like Helen Keller, an advocate for the blind and deaf, Hilary Swank, the talented actress, and Harper Lee, the author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ have all graced the world with their ‘H’ names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HannahHanna, HanaGrace, favor
2. HarrietHariette, HarriettEstate ruler
3. HeatherHeathyr, HeatharFlowering evergreen plant
4. HelenaHelene, HelenBright, shining light
5. HazelHazelle, HazalThe hazelnut tree
6. HopeHopie, HoppieExpectation, belief
7. HelenHellen, HelleneLight, torch
8. HaileyHaley, HayleeHay meadow
9. HadleyHadlee, HadlieHeather field
10. HarperHarpur, HarparHarp player
11. HermioneHerminia, HermineMessenger, earthy
12. HillaryHilary, HillarieCheerful, happy
13. HalleHallie, HallyPraise, hallowed
14. HilmaHilmah, HilmarWill, desire
15. HesterHestia, HestaStar
16. HonorHonora, HonoriaHonor, reputation
17. HallieHalle, HalleyPraise, hallowed
18. HaydenHaydn, HaidenFire, heathen
19. HeidiHeidy, HeideNoble, kind
20. HedyHedie, HedyBattle war, sweet
21. HollieHolly, HolliHolly tree
22. HattieHatty, HattiEstate ruler
23. HildaHilde, HildiBattle woman
24. HarmonieHarmony, HarmaniConcord, unity
25. HavenHavyn, HaivenSafe place
26. HyacinthHyacinthe, HyacinthaFlower
27. HortenseHortensia, HortenciaGardener
28. HuldaHuldah, HuldeSweet, lovable
29. HildaHilde, HildiBattle woman
30. HoneyHoni, HonieSweet
31. HumphreyHumfrey, HumphryPeaceful warrior
32. HennyHennie, HeniHome ruler
33. HeddaHeddie, HedaContention, strife
34. HappyHappie, HappiJoyful, cheerful
35. HermosaHermosah, HermossaBeautiful
36. HildegardHildegarrde, HildyBattle guard
37. HesperHespera, HesperiaEvening star
38. HestiaHestiah, HesteaHearth, fireside
39. HildegardeHildy, HildegardBattle stronghold
40. HeavenHeavyn, HeavanHome of the gods
41. HermioneHermine, HerminiaEarthly, messenger
42. HollisHolis, HoliseNear the holly bushes
43. HanitaHanitah, HanithaGracious
44. HoshiHoshie, HoshihStar
45. HelaineHelaina, HelaneLight
46. HollyHolley, HollieHolly tree
47. HyunHyune, HyuneaWise, intelligent
48. HopeExpectation, belief
49. HonestyHonnesti, HonnestieHonesty, integrity
50. HarmonyHarmoni, HarmonieUnity, accord

Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with us in choosing a name for your beautiful baby girl! We hope our list of 50 English baby girl names starting with H inspired you and sparked fresh ideas. Continue exploring our site for more ideas and let the joy of finding the perfect name fill your heart. Happy naming!

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