50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with N: The Perfect Beginning

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Choosing your baby’s name is like writing the first chapter of their life story. Amidst this exciting journey, join us for a trip through our curated list of 50 English baby boy names starting with ‘N’. Explore the tales behind these names and find the perfect one for your little prince.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with N

To inspire you further, here are some familiar faces. The celebrated Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, the renowned author of ‘The Scarlet Letter’. The N-names clearly carry a streak of distinction and achievement, perfect for your future star!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NoahNoePeace, rest
2. NathanNate, NathanielGiven by God
3. NeilNeal, NealeChampion
4. NedEddie, EddyWealthy guardian
5. NelsonNilsson, NeilsonSon of Neil
6. NigelNigellusDark, black
7. NolanNolen, NolinFamous, noble
8. NorrisNorrys, NorisFrom the north
9. NilesNyles, NielsChampion
10. NewtNeut, NewteA small salamander
11. NestorNester, NestarTraveler, voyager
12. NickNikki, NickyVictory of the people
13. NormanNormand, NormMan from the north
14. NiallNeal, NeillChampion
15. NicoNiko, NikkoVictory of the people
16. NixonNixen, NixsonSon of Nick
17. NobleNobal, NoballIllustrious, dignified
18. NovaNovah, NovakNew
19. NyeNy, NyiIsland
20. NaveenNavin, NaveeneNew
21. NortonNortan, NortenNorthern town
22. NorthNorthe, NorhtFrom the north
23. NoyNoey, NoiBeauty
24. NixNixx, NixiSnowy, Bright
25. NevadaNevadah, NevaddaSnow-capped
26. NasserNasir, NaseerHelper, supporter
27. NatNatt, NhatGift from God
28. NyleNile, NylIsland
29. NevadaNevadah, NevaedaSnow-capped
30. NemoNimo, NiemoNobody, No man
31. NovaNoval, NoveNew
32. NuriNury, NooriLight, Bright
33. NaitikNaitic, NaitickEthical, Moral
34. NashNashe, NaschBy the ash tree
35. NexusNexxus, NexisConnection, Bond
36. NesterNestor, NectarTraveler, Homecoming
37. NevinNevan, NevynHoly, Sacred
38. NiharNihaar, NeeharMist, Fog
39. NaftaliNaftalie, NaftalyMy struggle, Wrestling
40. NakulNakool, NaakulMost handsome in the Pandava
41. NamitNaamit, NamittBowed down, Modest
42. NandaNandah, NandaaJoy, Happiness
43. NandinNandinn, NandynDelightful, Pleasing
44. NarayanNarayn, NarayenThe refuge of man
45. NarendraNarendar, NarendranLord of men
46. NareshNareshe, NaareshLord of man
47. NasirNaseer, NaseirHelper, Protector
48. NathanNathyn, NathenGift from God
49. NavdeepNavdip, NavdeapNew Flame, New Shine
50. NavrangNavarang, NavarangaColorful

Thank you for journeying with us through our list of 50 English baby boy names starting with ‘N’. We hope we’ve ignited some inspiration in you. There’s a world of names out there to explore. Why not continue the adventure with more of our naming idea lists right here on our site? After all, every story starts with a name!

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