50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with G: Names Worth Remembering

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Embarking on the journey of choosing your baby girl’s name is like opening a new book. Dive into our list of 50 English baby girl names starting with G, and imagine each name narrating a chapter in the story of her life.

Notable People with Names Starting with G

Names beginning with ‘G’ have been borne by some extraordinary women. Consider Grace Kelly, the accomplished American actress turned princess, or Gloria Steinem, the influential women’s rights activist. And who can forget Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, the iconic French fashion designer? These names aren’t just letters; they’re a testament to a legacy of greatness.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GraceGracie, Gracia“God’s favor”
2. GabriellaGabby, Gabbrielle“God is my strength”
3. GloriaGlory, Gloriana“Glory”
4. GemmaJemma, Gema“Gem, precious stone”
5. GwenGwendolyn, Gwyn“Blessed ring”
6. GiselleGizelle, Gisselle“Pledge”
7. GailGale, Gayle“Joyful”
8. GingerGin, Gingie“Pure”
9. GillianGill, Jill“Youthful”
10. GertrudeGertie, Trudy“Spear of strength”
11. GeorgiaGeorgie, Georgina“Farmer”
12. GeraldineGeri, Gerry“Ruler with spear”
13. GenevieveGen, Genny“Tribe woman”
14. GretaGretchen, Gretta“Pearl”
15. GoldieGolda, Gold“Made of gold”
16. GenevaGenever, Ginevra“Juniper tree”
17. GermaineGermina, Germana“Brotherly”
18. GloryGlori, Glorie“Glory”
19. GlynnisGlynis, Glynys“Valley”
20. GreerGrier, Griere“Watchful”
21. GuinevereGwen, Gwyn“White phantom”
22. GenesisGenny, Gena“Beginning, origin”
23. GwendolineGwen, Wendy“Blessed ring”
24. GenovevaGen, Veva“Race of women”
25. GertieGerty, Gerri“Strength of a spear”
26. GiannaGia, Gianni“God is gracious”
27. GilbertaGilba, Gil“Bright pledge”
28. GemJem, Gemma“Gem, precious stone”
29. GiaGianna, Giana“God is gracious”
30. GildaGild, Gildi“Golden”
31. GisellaGizella, Gissella“Hostage”
32. GraciaGracie, Grace“Grace”
33. GrizeldaGriselda, Grizel“Grey battle”
34. GladysGlady, Gladis“Princess”
35. GerdaGerdi, Gerd“Protected”
36. GloriaGlory, Gloriana“Glory”
37. GretelGreta, Gretl“Pearl”
38. GoldaGoldie, Golda“Gold”
39. GulGull, Gulie“Rose”
40. GwenythGwyneth, Gwyn“Blessed, white”
41. GabiGabby, Gabie“God’s bravest woman”
42. GiuseppinaPina, Giuseppe“God will add”
43. GinetteGinet, Gini“God is gracious”
44. GodelieveGode, Lieve“God’s love”
45. GlynGlynn, Glynis“Valley”
46. GrizelGrizelda, Grizzel“Grey battle maid”
47. GunhildaGunhild, Gunna“Battle maid”
48. GenoraGen, Nora“God is gracious”
49. GalienaGalina, Galiena“Calm healer”
50. GertinaGertie, Tina“Strength of a spear”

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through the list of 50 English baby girl names beginning with G. We hope these names have inspired you, helping you picture your little girl’s bright future. Continue your exploration with more of our carefully curated baby name lists on our site. After all, the adventure of naming your baby has only just begun!

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