50 English Baby Boy Names Starting With H: Unleash Your Naming Creativity

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Choosing your baby’s name is more than just a task—it’s a thrilling adventure, filled with love, excitement, and slight anticipation. Our list of 50 English baby boy names starting with H is here to inspire, guide, and make this journey even more special.

Notable People With ‘H’ Names

‘H’ has been the initial of many influential figures. Notable personalities such as Hollywood’s heartthrob Harrison Ford, the acclaimed novelist Herman Melville, and the pioneering business magnate Howard Hughes, have all made an indelible mark with their ‘H’ names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HenryHenri, EnriqueRuler of the home
2. HarryHarrison, HaroldArmy ruler
3. HaydenHaydn, HadenFire, heathen
4. HunterHunt, HuntleyOne who hunts
5. HugoHugh, UgoMind, intellect
6. HeathHeathcliff, HethWasteland, heathen
7. HowardHowe, WardHeart brave
8. HarleyHarlie, HarleighHare’s meadow
9. HectorHektor, EctorHolding fast
10. HoldenHoldin, HoldynDeep valley
11. HarveyHarvie, HarveeBattle worthy
12. HudsonHutson, HudsenSon of Hudd
13. HamiltonHamil, HambleBeautiful mountain
14. HarrisHarrison, HariSon of Harry
15. HoraceHoracio, HorazTimekeeper
16. HerbertHerbie, HerbartBright army
17. HamptonHamptun, HamtonHome settlement
18. HartleyHart, HarteStag meadow
19. HobartHobert, HobardBright mind
20. HaroldHarald, HeraldArmy power
21. HastingsHasting, HastyngsSwift one
22. HuxleyHux, HuxlyFrom Hugh’s meadow
23. HardyHardie, HardeeBold, brave
24. HawkinsHawkin, HawkLittle hawk
25. HadrianHadrien, AdrianoDark one
26. HalHall, HaleArmy ruler
27. HankHanke, HanksEstate ruler
28. HansonHans, HansenSon of Hans
29. HerschelHershel, HershDeer
30. HidalgoHidalgus, HidalguNoble one
31. HiramHirom, HylamExalted brother
32. HoganHagan, HogenYoung
33. HopkinsHopkin, HopkynsSon of Hob
34. HoratioHoratius, HoratianTimekeeper
35. HumphreyHumfrey, HumphryPeaceful warrior
36. HydeHyden, HydFrom the hide
37. HodgeHodges, HodginMind, spirit
38. HowellHowel, HowleEminent, remarkable
39. HubertHughbert, HobartBright heart
40. HuckHuckle, HucksLittle hound
41. HyattHiatt, HyatHigh gate
42. HaganHagen, HaginYouthful one
43. HewittHewett, HewlettLittle Hugh
44. HolmesHolms, HolmRiver island
45. HamiltonHamil, HambleTreeless hill
46. HarlowHarloe, HarleeArmy hill
47. HollandHollan, HolandWooded land
48. HutchHuch, HutschBright in mind and spirit
49. HolmesHolms, HolmRiver island
50. HumphreyHumfrey, HumphryPeaceful warrior

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your joyous journey of selecting a name for your baby boy! We hope our list of 50 English baby boy names beginning with H offered unique options and sparked fresh inspiration. Don’t forget, we have plenty more baby name idea lists right here on our site. Keep exploring, and remember, every name carries its own unique story. Happy Naming!

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