Find His Identity: 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with G

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Choosing your baby’s name is like embarking on a thrilling adventure. As you dive into our list of 50 English baby boy names starting with G, imagine each name echoing in the halls of his future.

Notable People with Names Starting with G

Names starting with G have set the stage for some remarkable personalities. Take George Washington, the first President of the United States, or George Clooney, the award-winning actor. Not to forget, musicians like Garth Brooks have also made their mark, proving a name starting with G is more than just a letter—it’s a launchpad for greatness.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GabrielGabe, Gabby“God is my strength”
2. GaryGarry, Garrie“Spearman”
3. GeorgeGeorgie, Giorgio“Farmer”
4. GrantGraunt, Grand“Great”
5. GavinGavyn, Gavino“White hawk”
6. GlennGlen, Glynn“Valley”
7. GordonGordie, Gordan“Great hill”
8. GregGregg, Gregor“Watchful, alert”
9. GilbertGil, Gilburt“Trusted”
10. GeraldGerry, Gerardo“Ruler with the spear”
11. GrahamGraeme, Grahame“Gravelly homestead”
12. GunnerGunnar, Gunar“Bold warrior”
13. GalenGaylen, Gaylin“Calm”
14. GideonGid, Giddy“Feller of trees”
15. GarfieldGar, Garfy“Spear field”
16. GuyGui“Leader”
17. GlenwoodGlen, Glenn“Valley forest”
18. GodfreyGodfry, Goffredo“Peace of God”
19. GarthGarthe, Gart“Keeper of the garden”
20. GianGianni, Giannos“God is gracious”
21. GinoGeno, Geeno“Ever-living”
22. GamalielGamal, Gamall“God’s reward”
23. GermaineGermain, Germin“Brotherly”
24. GeroldGerolld, Geroldd“Ruler with the spear”
25. GradyGradie, Graddie“Noble”
26. GibbsGibs, Gibbes“Son of Gilbert”
27. GroverGrove, Grooves“Forest”
28. GardnerGardener, Gardnar“Keeper of the garden”
29. GarnetGarnett, Garnette“Pomegranate seed”
30. GeoffJeff, Geof“Peaceful place”
31. GeronimoJeronimo, Geronimus“Sacred name”
32. GriffinGriff, Gruff“Strong lord”
33. GillGillian, Gillen“Servant of Saint John”
34. GeraldGerry, Gerardo“Ruler with the spear”
35. GrahamGraeme, Grahame“Gravelly homestead”
36. GalenoGalen, Gale“Intelligent”
37. GarlandGarlin, Garlen“Land of the spear”
38. GiffordGiff, Giffie“Gift of bravery”
39. GorseddGorse, Gorset“Great hill”
40. GreshamGresh, Greshem“Grass homestead”
41. GarveyGarvie, Garve“Rough peace”
42. GoldwinGold, Goldie“Golden friend”
43. GodwinGodwyn, Godwinn“God’s friend”
44. GustavGustavus, Gus“Staff of the gods”
45. GrayGrey, Graye“Grey-haired”
46. GarlandGarlan, Garlen“Wreath”
47. GannonGanon, Gannan“Fair-skinned”
48. GarlandGarlan, Garlen“Land of the spear”
49. GirardGirardo, Geraud“Brave spearman”
50. GleasonGleeson, Gleas“Glorious, cheerful”
Thanks for exploring our list of 50 English baby boy names starting with G. May every name inspire you and resonate with your dreams for your little one. Discover more imaginative and memorable baby name ideas on our site—after all, the adventure of naming your baby has only just begun!

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